PSA: Avoid NAPA brake lines

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Apr 14, 2016
Just a heads up that NAPA brake lines don't fit properly, at least the ones they sell as "front, outer" brake lines. The roll pin used as a locating pin is too close to the banjo bolt opening.




I was able to use them by knocking the roll pin out entirely, then holding them in place with pliers when tightening the banjo bolts. I'll be ordering OEM lines to replace these (I used OEM everywhere else, long story...).
The brakelines from don't have the locating pin. Just in case anyone is considering buying them, oh and the brakelines don't clip into the line mounts on the frame properly either. They're a real joke.
The rears from Autozone have the same pin issue. At least they did 5 years ago. I was in a time crunch on a Friday and AutoZone was right across the street. Left the truck on stands, and in the way, at work for a week until I returned and picked up the OEM. My employees assumed I did it on purpose.
A pair of OEM front brake lines is $64. Why would you go aftermarket?

Because I saw a crack in the exterior of the driver's side hose and I wanted them ASAP. I could get them the same day from NAPA for $28. My local Toyota dealer literally charges more than double MSRP and still takes a full day to get parts. They're around $30 for both on Amayama, by the way.
Raybestos have the same issue. I just completed a complete brake redo front to rear and found the same problem on the front lines. Rears, center rear, inner fronts, and center front all fit correctly. Used OEM for the outer fronts. Beulah sat on the lift for a week and half waiting on the OEM's to come in.


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Mines didn't fit either I cut half the locating pin off so it can fit the guild hole on the caliper.

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