Pros/cons 1997 40th anniversary w/ no factory lockers

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Even with out the lockers you not going to find a cleaner low mile 40th anniversary model for Less.
I would offer 15k and work from there but be prepared to pay full price.
Dont' deal over the phone, go directly to the seller and put something down to hold it for 24-48 hours at an agreed upon price, then get an inspection by at least a Toyota dealer, better if it's someone who knows this model.

Biggest ticket repair item is a bad head gasket (not valve cover gasket) if it's bad. Or, if it already has leaked (internally) and the seller or his mechanic dumped a HG sealer in the cooling system then decided to sell the vehicle.

That sheit does happen, happened to me, so remember, buyer beware.
IME normal people who wouldn't steal a packet of gum from a grocery store seem to lose their honesty when it comes to selling a used vehicle.

Get it checked out before you finalize the deal, but I would put something down to hold it until you buy it, or not.
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This is all excellent advice. However, if you haven't bought this cruiser yet and it is still for sale, I suspect something is wrong with it, or the seller isn't advertising it well to the right community.

Consider what I did when I bought three of my 80s.

Don't think. Don't ask other people questions. Don't ask other people for their opinions. Instead, trust your instinct, take a leap of faith, and feel alive rolling the dice.

After all, it's only time and money. It's worked out every time; cruiser owners are generally decent humans who aren't looking to fu@k others over.
"cruiser owners are generally decent humans who aren't looking to fu@k others over."

IMHO it might be more accurate to say: "MUD forum Land cruiser owners are honest ----"

I've run into every type when looking for 80's to buy over the years, people lying through their teeth with the evidence right in front of them.


Extremely loud engine knock (think 3lb hammer striking the block) "mechanic said it was fine---"

Oil flowing out in a two foot puddle on the ground "it doesn't have any leaks"

Engine with no power "I'd drive it to Alaska tomorrow---" (cracked cylinder wall, engine block full of head gasket sealer).

Another engine with no power, "it might need a tune up" Found a new aftermarket radiator, signs of head gasket sealer dumped in, milky engine oil/water and HG sealer still in the radiator overflow tank. When pointed out the crud in the tank the seller mumbled to himself "Oh, I forgot to clean that out", and then dumped it on the ground with no other explanation.

"No problems at all". Take the vehicle for a drive, rear axle noises and gear oil all over from a leaking rear pinion seal (wobbly pinion gear), ask the seller about it and she starts crying "the mechanic told me it needed ----"

Got more examples but the post would be too long: people with a straight face (except for the crying lady) knowingly lied about the condition of their vehicle for sale.

Agree, oil leaks are common, not the point. Head gasket leaks are not all that common but a possibility (with any engine), so a buyer needs to check for signs of previous attempts to seal the HG by dumping in a sealer then dumping (selling) the vehicle.

So the point is: take the sellers words with a large grain of salt, check it out yourself or get a local MUD member to go with you, or take it to a Dealer
just to make sure nothing major is going on with the vehicle. Just simple prudence for any used vehicle.

Having said all that, don't hesitate, it could be a great vehicle. I would buy it
at 15k if there were no red flags.
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Thanks for the feedback COYS. My concern as well with resale. Not actively looking but didn’t want to pass one up locally here since I don’t see many around my neck o’ the woods. Always wanted an nice 80 and dig this color. Thanks man!

Another Sage 40th without the roof rack.

Mine just ticked over 170,000. Buy it.
I never purchased a used vehicle that didn't need work, it's just the nature of the beast. you have to go into it with both eyes open. You can get a pretty good idea of how the car is mechanically by how the car looks. If there not taking care of the out side then there not taking care of it mechanically.
Of course there an exception to every rule.
The average life of a car is 12 years so buying a 26 year old cruiser you have to expect that it going to need some love.
Just from the pictures that are posted I can say that I would buy that rig. even if it had some issues.
When I got my reg I pulled it into my shop and parked it, when I went out there the next day there where 13 oil spots on the floor I didn't get mad I got busy fixing them and all the other problems it had 🤷‍♂️
When I have sold used car it alway amazed me that some buyers would start picking them apart, I would tell them the new car dealers are in town !!

JMHO :beer::beer:
I don’t need lockers. Mostly curious about how lockers could affect the value of any. Not looking for an investment or asset either. Not looking to turn a buck, I genuinely would like a nice 80 and know prices have been recently trending down. Just looking for honest opinions and appraisals. Appreciate the feedback.
I actually messaged this guy too - did you end up buying this 80? I never heard back from him.
Another Sage 40th without the roof rack.

Mine just ticked over 170,000. Buy it.
Looks good in my driveway! Got it done and super stoked to have one of these.

Ahhhh that's why he won't respond to me! I was ready to grab a rental car and drive up to IF.

Happy for ya! Looks super clean.
Thanks! Yeah he hadn’t really marketed yet. Initially, I told him no (long story) and told him to post it on KSL or Mud and he’d sell it quick. He told he posted on KSL and was getting hit up left and right and called me to see if we could make a deal because it was little overwhelming. That was enough to get the green light from my wife 😁. I didn’t think it would last long once he got it out there. He hasn’t taken the ksl post down yet 😅 and I feel lucky to have it. Thanks again.
Only took 3 days and 30 posts to peer pressure you into purchasing. We are getting good at this! Nice ride now spend 20k on preventative maintenance and be mad about it!
Na only 10k it's got low miles. 😝
looks nice

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