Projects since starting to surf this board...

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Feb 7, 2002
Woodstock, GA
Pics to accompany the projects...

1. The 80 (don't mind the lil tires) I am swapping those 32a to 34s in Oct.
2. CB, Dash Cover, and Radio (CB has external speakers in dash tweeter location)
3. Ecplise SEs in the front door
4. and the back doors (5.25s as well) 8)
5. Intake, K&N, Air Box
I also recovered my seats with tacoma material from :D

I also have a bumper coming, a firestik to replace the hood mount temp ant., and a pre-charger to get extra filtration on the K&N.

I am tired!

Looks good, just make sure to clean that filter thoroughly when you are going through a dusty trails, as it will allow dust into the intake manifold.


Thx for the advice Al.

I have a cloth pre-charger on the way to help with that very thing.
I think that you would have been better served to have retained the OEM filter canister and added a Safari Snorkel. The OEM canister can be fitted with a K&N element or a TRD element for street use and an OEM paper element can be easily dropped in for dusty conditions. In addition you would be pulling in significantly cooler air than the 180+ degree stuff thats floating around the engine compartment.

Just my preference, of course. ;)

Oh, Going for a swim with the current set up would be interesting. :eek: Go to the homepage and refresh it till you see the gummer's 80 skinny dipping, Yours could hydro-lock and break rods and stuff.
luckily I have everything from the stock setup and the snorkle will happen in the next year or so.

I am still getting the base setup and it is mostly a road warrior currently, so I can afford to adapt to the current situation (I built everything so I think I have maybe $100 in on this setup).

I have never been in water that deep and I don't plan being there...ever.

I appreciate the input though!
it's the water routes that are most dangerous are the ones we don't plan on
Most of the wheeling in the SouthEast are on established trails with pretty well known obstacles, etc.

For the next year or two I know I won't be hitting any crossings that even go past my bumper.

With the current green push I don't think there will even be any water crossings anymore within that timeframe.

Junk...thanks! will look better with a new bumper ;)

Once I get the tires, lockers, gears, sliders, winch, and rear bumper I will look at putting in a snork :D

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