Power steering fuid for V8/5.3l conversions?

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Feb 5, 2012
So.Cal under my fj62 doing nothing.
I was wondering what is best to use ATF dexron or power steering fluid? Should the fluid be according to the GM pump or the Toyo steering box. I think I have ATF in it right now but I'm going to be installing a rebuilt box and was going to keep it the same.
What are you guys using? Thanks for any suggestions.
I use NAPA ps fluid for mine.....no issues ...5.7 vortec with PSC pump and yota gear.
Power steering is hydraulic fluid

ATF is hydraulic fluid with fancy transmission additives that smell nasty.

Both work with no ill effects so buy what is cheapest.

I like when I see red oil leaks. Easy identification.
Thanks for the replies. I went with the atf since it's what is called for in the fsm and it was already in the system. I think either way it wouldn't hurt but I rather replace the pump instead of the gear box. Thanks again
Synthetic ATF and lucas PS additive for me. Its stopped a spewing seal on the box for about 40k miles now. Smooth quiet operation!

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