Part Time in a 80 = better MPG - You be the judge

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Mar 10, 2004
Scottsdale Arizona
I recently converted my 80 to Part time with Marks 4WD kit and Aisin hubs and Im 100% happy with the set up FWIW. I did not do this mod with the hopes or thought of any increase in MPG, I wanted part time 4wd period.

In my past 80 I did not like handling with part time. With my latest set up I found the handling just fine with little difference. For comparison the 2 80's were set up completely different.

I documented my recent return trip from Cruise Moab to Scottsdale AZ. Which FWIW MOAB totally kicked ass:cool:

The test vehicle:
1996 FZJ80 127K
OME 850J/863
35" BFG on stock wheels
Stock gears
No roof rack
Polished Safari snorkel:D
Overall weight of the 80 would be considered light

1st leg
Moab to Flagstaff
325 miles
Avg speed ~46mph
Brief Stopped for 12 pictures
Several burnouts back onto hwy ie: 2WD:hillbilly:
1 hard acceleration in sand on side of road ie: 2WD:cool:
Little use of AC, windows open
Lots of up and down hills
Went thought Mexican Water verses Mexican Hat, added 2 miles to route but much flatter.

Total Miles 1st leg GPS 325
Gas used 23.389 - cutting it close:)
Average speed ~46MPH
MPG on 1st leg 13.9MPG
Gas receipt Moab-Flag.JPG
Profile Moab to Flagstaff.jpg
2nd leg

Flagstaff to Costco (AZ)
143 miles GPS
Avg speed ~57mph
No stops
Little use of AC, windows open
Mostly down hill

Total Miles 2nd GPS 143
Gas used 8.187 gals
Average speed ~57MPH
MPG on 2nd leg 17.46MPG

Why 2 receipts?
After filling my tank I did a quick MPG check and thought I did not have the tank filled so I tried to add more. Also I hit the premium button with all the excitement:D

Overall results
Regular fuel was used - 85 octane in Utah and 86 octane in Arizona
468 Total miles traveled
31.57gals used
Overall MPG 14.82

Total cost of the mod was $450 (transfer case parts and Aisin hubs only)
No labor cost of hubs or transfer case modification
No cost of birf seal kit or other consumables added in $450
No shipping from Australia - parts picked by CSC member
No machining of axle stub cost - provide by CSC member
No cost for CDL switch required

Overall cost aside and savings if any, I would do it again.

Your result may vary so :flipoff2:
Gas receipt Flag-Costco 1.JPG
Gas receipt Flag-Costco 2.JPG
Profile Flagstaff to Costco @ Cactus.jpg
Is there a conclusion to be had here?
Nice MPG Phil

At 4.00 plus dollars per gallon, it shouldn't take you too long to recoup your investment.
I think the results came straight from Florida and I demand a recount!!!!
I think results from all the numbers you collected from us should be posted so we can compare.
I think results from all the numbers you collected from us should be posted so we can compare.

It was my plan. John still has a number Im waiting for. Did you keep track on the way home? Not yet sure if Moab to Flag on one tank is good or not, some think its normal.
... Did you keep track on the way home? ...

Wouldn't of mattered. We made detours and had a ~60mph head wind. Sometimes down shifted to 3rd to maintain speed on flat ground!
The wind was really bad plus we went a different route via Moki Dugway and then Valley of The Gods out to the Mexican Hat.

We should stick with the results when we were all together.
what does all of this matter when you have a headwind of "* Winds: today... southwest winds of 20 to 35 mph with gusts of 45 mph." as per National Weather Service warning :doh:
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