part time conversion w pics.

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Dec 13, 2008
N. West CT.
So I finally started my part time conversion. When searching around I noticed there wasn't to many threads with pics. I'm not postung a step by step on the project. Just some pics and stuff.
-lokka locker
-New main bearing and race pressed on.
- lancruiser 60 manual hubs

Thanks for the push on that one Phil. I bought a shop press instead if paying to get it installed. Not bad so far like you said. I have it all cleaned up ready to put back together. Lokka is bolted in and torrqued down. couple more hrs if it goes smooth.
Lokka installed.
Did you remove anything from underneath to give you more access to remove transfer rear housing? Sorry I know this has been covered before lots a times, but the only 2 parts needed for the transfer case part of conversion is the lokka spool and bearing (plus toyota red gasket maker)? I am sure you can reuse old bearing, but why not press in a new one.... Do you have part number on bearing?
I just remembered I have torn apart my transfer case rear output housing in order to replace a leaky output seal years ago... How much more involved is it to tear into the center part of transfer case? Probably didn't take that much longer to tear into center section once you have the rear housing off, right?
Yeah it wasn't bad after the first case. Just a slow process on the creeper. I have an IPOR skid plate that I lowered a couple inches for more room. With OEM cross member I am sure it can be done with even less.

I figured why not replace the main bearing while in there. Good thing because I had no contraptions to take the old one off. I bought it through Sam Stewart. I'll take a picture of the box tomorrow and post for reference.
Finished the install. Just have to fill up with oil in the morning. I tested it while up on Jack stands and it works good.

I cut my center caps to fit over the 60 series hubs.

Picture with IPOR skid hanging down shows how far I lowered it to fit the case out and reach all bolts. Bet it can be done without dropping the t case on an OEM X member.

Last pic is the main bearing that gets pressed on the new locker.

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Welcome to the PT club :)
Great job, thanks for the pics! Those center caps look great, almost like OEM.

Where did you get the bearing?
Got the bearing from Sam Stewart in Atlanta.
Does anyone know how the Lokka P/T kits compare to the Advanced Adapter and Slee ones( other than price)?
Scrowley, just to confirm, part number from Lokka for spool without free wheel hubs is toy-fo-647? Thought id make sure here or else I'll have to call them.... Thanks for thread...
^^^I am not sure of the lokka part number. I just went on their site and ordered for an 80. Came to my house in 4 days.

OH I almost forgot... I see this part skipped in most if not all of threads on Part Time. Slee has a lot of good info on their site with the info

The Viscous Coupler...If you have one in your 80 it MUST come out. You need a "slim head" C clip plier for the clip that holds the viscous coupler on the rear output shaft. I didn't have a long thin set so I resulted in other methods that where PIA

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Yeah, I'll admit I'm not even sure what is needed based on what they have listed. Maybe I'm just being lazy.
Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 10.16.35 PM.png
3rd one down is what I got. I didn't want the avm hubs included. Although they get good pretty good reviews and are only $125 for a set. I went with oem.
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Took me about 8 total. I took my t case newbie time. Prob a 4-5 hr job second time around. my driveline shop quoted me 500 to 600 to do it. So I saved a bit.

I just installed part time kit not Marlin t case gears so there is NO grinding involved.

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