Part # for H55f rear insulator trans mount?

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Mar 2, 2006
In the mountains
I've looked at various H55 swap threads and searched quite a bit here but I cannot find the Toyota part number for the proper rear rubber insulator mount for a 60 with h55f. This is for an '85 model year.
Just out of curiosity, when/why would you replace this part? I'm about to take out my H55f, should I be replacing this while I'm in there?
Over time and use the rubber will wear out and break down. Similar to an engine mount but longer lasting.
unless it is separating, or very old and never been replaced, I wouldn't worry about it
Thanks for the replies. I'll check it out once I have the tranny out. I'm thinking it might soft given there's been what looks like a rear main seal leak for a while.
easy way to check if it is separating is before taking it apart, use a floor jack and jack up on the transfer case and see if the isolator seperates
Well, my situation is I am replacing the original 4 speed and transfer case with the H55F and split transfer case. I just ordered an aftermarket crossmember from BTB/manager and it is in a FJ60/62 series frame. They sell the isolator, but it is more than the crossmember and brackets. There part number needs a cross reference.
the isolator doesn't matter whether it is on a 4 or 5 speed. the difference is how it mounts to the crossmember
OEM had 2 versions of the crossmember, I saw in other posts your questions on crossmembers.
you need to know which crossmember you have or are using that will determine which isolator you need.
I ordered a generic crossmember from BTB that is for 60 series frames and will have to modify it for my FJ40. I did not order there isolator because it was more than the crossmember. I will get it from Valle Hybreds it was the best price I found.

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