Parking brake lining thickness

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Jan 19, 2003
I'm on a mission to reline my own parking brake shoes.
Can someone tell me what the thickness of the lining
on a new pair of shoes is? (perhaps you have a pair
lying around ready to be installed). Thanks.
I think it is about a quarter inch. Replaced mine recently with the kit from SOR. I can't see how it would be cost effective to reline yours. The kit is cheap and easy.
I know, it's a bit wierd, but I can get the lining itself
from McMaster Carr for about $3 and already have both
high temperature epoxy and copper rivets around
for installation. I would never do this on the main
shoes but why not on the parking brake shoes?

I have the older style parking brake and would have
to replace the adjuster, pins, etc. to use the new
style shoes.

Besides it's cool to try everything once, even if
it doesn't work and, $3 << $63.

Anyone who still has a landcruiser with a column shift
probably would enjoy relining his own brake shoes and
probably rebuilds wheel cylinders instead of replacing
them. I am thinking about going back to the old
cannister style oil filter and removing my seat belts.
Hmmm. What else?

Tube-type H78 snow cruisers?
One barrel carb? Siamese head F engine?
Vacuum transfer? Round turn signals on the bib?
Tool box under the front (bench) seat?

Here's the Spector Kit for $63.
Yeah, I get ya. What I thought is that you need more than glue. The instructions from the manual imply you need a specific type :D of bonding machine! Check it out.
You mean you don't have a drum brake
re-lining bonding machine? What kind of mechanic
are you?

In seriousness, it seems to be some sort clamp
made of two hemi-circles inserted in an oven.
Probably this sort of bonding was required before
the days of high temperature epoxies.

Enough levity for tonight. Thanks for the info on
the lining thickness.
Not just a brake lining bonding machine, but the kind of bonding machine they specify!
Oh I see! When I lived in Japan we called that stuff Japlish.
Here's a pix I shot while assembling it back together.
I had the pads re-lined for $19 locally.
Looks like about 1/4"
OK, make it old, more power to you, but leave the seat belts in it. :mad: ;)
Put in a shoulder strap if you can. I like OEM and old, too, but that's where I draw the line.
I was just kidding about the seat belts -- just bought
a set of NOS lap belts for the front seats from
cruiserparts. I was dissapointed that they weren't
exactly right for my '68 but they will do.

As for getting shoes relined locally, I can't find anyone
to do it here in Atlanta. Any hints?

$16.50 :D
There ya are. That's a deal.

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