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Jan 10, 2010
New London, NH
Hello, thought I'd share what finally fixed my sorry parking brake.

I replaced:
spring kits for internal springs
Bell crank replacement kit from Landcruiser Parts

And eventually Boss "dogbone" for 100 series like the one shown here for the 80 series. BOSS Hand Brake Strut Dogbone, Upgrade for Toyota Landcruiser 80ser handbrake. | eBay from Australia.

After several attempts with new hardware and revisiting several threads here and on other sites this is what worked for me.

Adding the larger "dogbone" parking brake struts. Then making sure rear cable was disconnected and bell cranks adjusted so they were all the way in. Screw little stopper all the way in so that bell crank closes down against backing plate. Then use a screwdriver and spin the adjusting star on the bottom spreader up until I couldn't move the rotor and then backed it off two till I could barely move it.

Then I pulled the bellcrank by hand until I felt resistance and then I screwed out the stopper till it hit the backing plate with the bellcrank in that position. I did this on both sides.

Finally, I reattached the cable and took out any slack on the cable between the two wheels.

Now the parking brake is full on within 5-6 or so clicks from the handle instead of all the way up and not holding.

The upgraded dogbone strut really helped as well as the easier description I had found on the order of adjustment. I noticed that with the upgraded dogbone or strut movement of shoe was immediate when bellcrank moved. No lag or delay as before. Old struts had parts bent and worn as well. Sorry no pics.

Hope this helps someone else.

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