For Sale Parker, CO 2006 LC, anyone seen it?

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The bottom was recently coated. Lots of rust in the engine bay. Said they got ten calls on it the first day and then I noticed they raised the price by $500
I didn't go look as I suspect it to be a rust bucket bases on history. With this one, pictures were missing or cropped of/at key points. So it was off my "A"list. Thanks for saving me the drive @landocalrissian and welcome to mud!

I've missed on some good ones, from what I consider rust belt states. Fact is, some of those states have pockets, where, they don't have rust issues. IL can be bad, but depends on actually location it lived, same with PA.
@landocalrissian thanks for the input, I figured it was priced too well to not be a POS. Nothing gets past you does it @2001LC?!

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