Orion input seal part number

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Aug 29, 2015
Idaho does any other place matter
I’m working on some issues with my Orion transfer case and wanted to put fresh seals in the input and outputs. @cruiseroutfit has the output seals covered, but came up short on the input( transmission shaft/Tcase) seal. AA website just says their in house part number. Anybody know the part# for the Orion input seal?
I saw that thread, but I didnt see a reference to the input shaft seal. @cruiseroutfit made it sound like the Orion needed a different seal then stock.
I checked the transmission oil level and it’s over filled, so I assume the one I have is shot. I’ll be reaching out to AA on Monday, unless someone has a part number.
Just to muddy the waters a little more- this is mated to a sm465 with a Promac plate adapter. I don’t think that matters, but I’ve been wrong before.
Same as OEM input seal. We have them in stock. Can supply part number or seal.

Happy to help.

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