Ole Silver Build Thread

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May 2, 2014
Galveston, Texas
Hey there, I used to post a good bit and have been inactive for a while. After doing a bunch of work on my cruisers for a few years they have been so reliable, I haven't needed much help!

Anyway, I have one I am excited about so I wanted to share my build, which won't be anything real extreme but some of you may be interested.

The truck is a silver '87 that I bought about 5 years ago from a friend. He was the second owner and bought it from a guy in California. It has just over 130K on the clock. No rust whatsoever, really nice interior, undercoated since new so the frame is also very nice.

Mechanicals are very good, because I had to replace or rebuild most components after I got it. The truck had sat in P/O's garage for 7 years without being cranked or moved.

The P/O had it painted, but the glass wasn't removed and it had some areas that were peeling. So, I started with a full glass out paint job from Classic Auto Restoration in Bryan, Texas. Here she is a few weeks ago, when I picked her up:


I already had a 4Plus rear bumper with tire carrier and Jerry Can holder that I had never gotten around to installing, so that is now done:

Land Cruiser Rear Bumper.jpg

I have ordered an OME heavy/heavy suspension kit from Kurt at Cruiser Outfitters, along with an ARB front winch bar, a tie rod end set, knuckle rebuild kit and braided stainless extended brake lines. I also ordered five 15" ProComp 51 series wheels (after reading a lot of backspacing threads, hopefully the 3.5" will work without front spacers) mounted with BFG Mud Terrains in 10.5/33/15. Everything except the tires and wheels has shipped, so there will be lots of work to do soon.

Other short term plans include headlight/harness upgrade, mounted Hi-Lift jack (there is a place for it on the 4Plus rear bumper), maybe a roof rack (need to measure height and garage fit once springs and tires are on), battery upgrade to Optima, Warn 9.5XP winch (I have one on another truck really like it), new slip covers (old ones are about worn out, I really like the SOR Tuff Duck ones), new oil pan gasket, transfer case re-seal, new clutch, new rear main seal.

Longer term I would also like to put in a drawer system and rig it for camping with stowed gear and a roof top tent.

Anyway those are my plans. I will post up pics along the way when I can. Thanks to everyone here who has helped me over the years, this is a great group of people.


Land Cruiser Rear Bumper.jpg
I did have to make one change from my original plan, and switch from BFG M/T to BFG A/T because 4 Wheel Parts' website indicated they had M/T's when I ordered, but it turned out that they didn't really have them and did not know when they could get them.
Yea we are an Aggie family. Two of the kids went to A&M Galveston which is the sticker in the pic. Great school, growing fast. The maritime degree programs are really in demand, some kids have high paying jobs locked in by their second year.

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