For Sale Old PTO Ramsey winch. Free

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May 11, 2002
twin cities
United States
See this old winch

I’m gonna chuck this. If someone wants it?


and free
Would you ship it?? How much for shipping to Scottsdale, AZ - 85257. I would take it....
Maybe @pardion can bundle it with the one he’s selling as a spare parts offering?
Yes I would ship it... but you pay the shipping costs

It probably 75 lbs
I will box it up and take it to UPS

For a quote 85257

Glad to do it. It’s a waste if it can’t be reused
Definitely pay the shipping, no prob. 85257 is my zip. Let me know how much and I will send PayPal friends and family
It’s a 86 lbs
Looks like about $170 to $200
To ship

This is the estimate. But she said probably a bit more

Out of curiosity, it shows that your estimate was to 94074 zip (California). I am in 85257, Scottsdale, AZ. Would that estimate still be correct? I figured around a hundred or so but wasn't sure...??
I guess she entered it in wrong

I’ll ask
Ok... I know this is free and all. Is there anything wrong with the winch? I know it is only the winch portion, no PTO etc, but is it mechanically ok if it had all the parts?? Just curious! Sorry to cause you grief in checking that... If it is too much of a hassle I get it.
I have no idea. What kind of condition it is in
Looks like it would be good for parts and other structure repairs
Ok, thanks for checking and SORRY to have had you done that... I don't have any need for parts and wouldn't mind trying to find the components to use it... WISH I was just closer. Would make it a whole lot easier on both of us!!!
If this is still available and the winch turns (and doesn't grind and spins fairly freely) I'll likely take the gamble on shipping. I have a dead one not spinning or anything and have the rest of the unit to make complete. If she spins let's talk. Thanks!
It is an anchor and probably best for parts

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