For Sale NOT MINE!!! - CL 1977 FJ40 ....$65K (have it guys!)

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United States
The start of the add: "1977 Toyota FJ40 body off the chassis restoration to "as it rolled off the assembly line". Everything on this vehicle has been gone through and restored, everything....."

Yea, right! it rolled off the assembly line! Less a few parts, perhaps? This Dude's been smoking that same Kali weed 1970TLC got into?

Check it out: > CL 1977 FJ40 $65K <

Let the shenanigan's begin!
I saw that and thought the same thing.....
I'll give him props for at least taking more than 4 pictures of it and asking a stupid price, but still - ridiculously overpriced.

Anybody else notice the rust in the floor in this picture?

This truck is a true survivor and he knows what he's got. It turns a lot of heads.

You would think for the price he at least put the build pate back on the door jam lol , must have been to busy putting his door trims on with the ever so rare self tappers
would have

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