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Oct 15, 2019
Hello everyone. New member, sometimes lurker here. I caught the overlanding bug about two years ago and have been going back and forth as to the rig I wanted to purchase to be my platform. I've ping ponged back and forth between deciding I wanted a Tacoma, 4Runner, Tundra, LC, LX, Jeep, back to Tacoma, back to LC, then thought I'd just build out my 2010 Ford F150. I spent some cash doing that and came to realize I wouldn't be satisfied with it in the end, so I started bouncing around again.

I've eventually and finally come to realize that I want the best rig out there, one that's made for this and one that'll last me 10+ years. One that I drove and was impressed with while in Iraq and Afghanistan back in the day (even if they were diesel right hand drive manuals!). Once I decided I wanted an LC or LX, I then went back and forth on whether to pick up an older 80 or 100 and keep my truck or...pick up the best 200 series I could find and build that one out as my overland/camp rig + daily driver.

As you all can probably tell, I've decided on the last one. So on with the obsession!

Next step; buying one. I would love to get some advice on what to look for when buying a 200. Any intel you can pass along to help me start learning would be helpful:

1. What are the first things you look for when buying a 200 LC or LX?
2. Better to go with a dealer or a private party?
3. Which site is the best for finding a good deal?
4. What is the best thing about the 200 LC vs. the 200 LX?
5. Are aftermarket mods as available for the LX as the LC?
6. What years were major/minor refreshes of the 200?
7. What are some of the considerations between buying a 2008 model vs. a 2014 model, or really, which models are best for what reasons?
8. Do you know of any YouTube videos about LCs and LXs that give good, accurate information about buying and owning one?
9. I follow "Venture4wd" on YouTube and want to one day do as he does; live and travel full time in my vehicle and see North America. Do you think this is possible in a LC or LX? (he uses a Jeep)
10. I'm a little above "newbie" level when it comes to knowledge of tires, 4x4s, lifts, etc. but not by much. In your opinion, what should a near-noob know about the 200?

I can't afford one newer than, say, 2014-15 with less than 80k miles or so. So I'm looking in that range.

Thanks and looking forward to sharing my obsession with you all.

Oct 10, 2017
Phoenix AZ
Just to make you jealous, have you seen the Maltec 200? I’ve seen it in person a few times, and if I was to live full time out of a overland vehicle, that would be my dream. I hide to admit it in a Toyota forum, but Chris and his Jeep venture4wd is one of my favorite YouTube series. Have yet to see a pop top 200 like the Ursa Minor jeep conversions. Campteq has made some cool Troopy and 80 conversions though.


Jan 31, 2009
Mud is a great resource for your questions. The FAQs are an excellent place to start.

After spending time there soaking up the info, head to the 200 classifieds to check on pricing and on availability from members.

Then use the forum search tool for any specific remaining questions. After all that, if something doesn’t make sense or if you find a rig you need help with, post up.

Where in the Midwest? I ask because perhaps another member could meet up with you to chat for a bit.

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