New CSC member Matthew (matt60/80)

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Jan 26, 2009
Chandler, AZ
Please welcome new member Matthew Fund (#matt60/80).

Matthew joins us as club member #374.
He owns a 86 FJ60 Stock, not running and a 95 FZJ80 Stock.

Welcome to the club Matthew. please tell us more about yourself and post up some pictures of you Land Cruisers.
welcome! :cheers:
Welcome aboard! Hope to meet you at a future monthly meeting,
Hey guys, thanks for the welcome. I'm not one for pictures so I can't post any right now but I'll take some this weekend and post them.
Sweet, another Matt! Perhaps his 80 is white as well? The white 80 movement is strong. Welcome!
I'm not one for pictures"

We all thrive on pictures, so what the heck good are you then? :flipoff2:

Just kidding, by the way it is well known the 1995's were the best year for the 80.:grinpimp:
Welcome aboard.:bounce2:
I second that, about the 95 models ^^^ white ones particularly.
Sorry about not post when I said I would. Summer school was kinda intense for the past two weeks. Anyway, here are pics. Not white, nightshadow pearl. And I didn't post then when I signed up but it has Metal Tech sliders.

Welcome Matt!

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