New 60 Series owner

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Sep 19, 2004
Sierra Vista AZ
I picked up an '85 FJ60 today with 256K on the clock. The guy I bought it from said the engine was seized so I figured I could part it out or pick up a new engine or troubleshoot the current one. We went to go pick it up and found that the starter was turning the engine, just slowly. After about 15 minutes on the jumper cables it fired right up. I drove it home. I'm not even gonna say what I payed for it.:grinpimp: It's in great shape, cold AC, interior is better than can be expected for an '85. Exterior has a dent in the drivers door and rocker panel. All other panels are nice and straight. Looks like I'll be keeping it as a weekend cruiser.
nice catch

almost as good as mine,the guy thought the engine is about to scatter so he sold it to me.come to find out it was the alternator that was coming apart.paint is faded but body has no rust.congrats on a great find.john:)
if everything else on the rig is fine, i'd just drop a new engine...easy enough, you can find some pretty decent ones at in the 60-62 section, they got what you need
Better than finding a $10.00 bill in your coat pocket!
Thanks guys, I still can't believe my luck. No real plans for it. My FJ40 is my "project" 4x4. I'll leave this one alone. My wife may make me sell it before too long. She originally said I could get it and part it out or fix it and sell it. We'll see how long I get to keep it. If I do keep it I'll probably do a SOA and some bigger tires. Maybe a lincoln lock in the rear. We'll see how my health is. Anyways, it fired up every time today so looks like the battery is still good. Here's some better daytime pics. I think I'm gonna get rid of the roof rack.





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Nice looking truck and I sure wouldn't mind a roof rack like that.....low profile.

How come it's so bright outside? Oh, your in Arizona.
QUOTE "My wife may make me sell it before too long. She originally said I could get it and part it out or fix it and sell it. We'll see how long I get to keep it."QUOTE

wtf? what the HELL???? what kind of nutless wonder are you? your wife don't MAKE or LET you do sh*t, you TELL her how it's gonna be, and how long!! she is lucky you are providing for her and "letting" her live wit............

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Keep the roof rack!! When I got mine it did not have a roof rack so I put my old one on and could tell a big difference in temp on the inside. My rack creates a good bit of shade on the roof because I pit a wood floor up there, it sorta looks like a mini deck. Anyway, the shade in the AZ sun is well worth it, plus it carries your camping gear!
BTW, If you ever see a fj60 with a roof rack, the same silver AND the same fade spots, wave. We have the same paint scheme!:p
Holy crap that thing looks clean.
Where do you live Esther?

Other than the faded spots and the drivers door/rocker damage the body is perfect. I noticed a coolant leak the other day so I'll have to investigate. Other than that she's still running strong.
great score. another one for keeping the rack if it's a wknd rig. if DD then ditch it except for trips (2-3mpg gain between my Yakima bars on & off).

oh, and get the 62 mirrors. HUGE difference...
The roof rack is solid but I think it's home made. It makes a lot of noise at speed on the highway. It just annoys me. I dunno, if I could find someone locally that wanted it, I think I'd get rid of it. I think I'd have to dismantle the whole thing to ship it.

Found the coolant leak. The top of the radiator has a small crack. Doesn't leak bad, but I'll need to replace it. Cheapest replacment I could find was at for $211. I'll wait till the tax return comes back.

Changed the oil and filter today, drove it around most of the day. Still running great!

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