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Oct 7, 2011
Austin TX
I just finished doing a valve job on my '79 2F. The exhaust valves were not holding up very well to my highway driving, so I switched them out with some stainless Chevy exhaust valves. I have my own Sioux valve grinder and seat grinder, so I did the job myself. Took me longer than expected because the seats had to be opened up more than I had accounted for. Anyway, that job is done and the head is back on my 40. I decided to polish the valve cover and clear-coated it. Then came time to replace the old cover gasket. I went through my "stash" of top end gasket sets and all I could find were the gaskets that are just skinny rubber pieces that you push into the channel in the valve cover and they stick out a little and supposedly seal to the head. Conversely, the old gasket I removed was quite different and had worked well, but was getting up there in age so I thought it needed to go. It had the skinny edge that pushed into the valve cover channel, just like the new one, but it stuck out with a nice flat surface about 1/2" wide and made a wider and maybe more effective seal to the head. Does anyone know where I can find a gasket like that? The Toyota gasket for this model is $30, but I can't tell from the photos if it has the wide bottom on it.

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