need a recommendation on good springs

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Jun 16, 2003
Monroe, WA
I am going to replace the springs/shackles on my '79 fj. Any suggestions as to which brands are good...was looking at pinnacle. Wish I could afford OME stuff...any suggestions from all the veterans out there would be greatly appreciated.
i'm running the skyjacker 4"
are you looking to lift it?
i'd like to know how the downey's are (common you downey owners)

anyway the skyjacker could be softer... but they aren't bad either.
Skyjacker, if you don't want lift just go with the 2.5" after settling they don't lift that high at all. Get the 2.5" kit from should still be free shipping. Get or make some greasable shackles, order the 8 more poly bushings from SOR for the shackles and you are set to go. Only person I know with the OME (Bence) said that they are incredibly bouncy and hard on his BJ.
Ditto on the OME comments. IMO they are made for wagons and good for carrying lots of cargo, not necessarily for flex.
I hate to say it but I have Skyjacker's too, the 4" variety. They have a great ride-very complient when unloaded. However, when fully loaded down for a 3-4 day trip they feel a little soft to me. They are still very comfy on the road but I would like them a bit stiffer. So to hijack the thread a bit, does anyone have a rec for heavier rear springs with 4" lift suitable for a full load on the Rubicon (camping gear, cooler, extra gas, spare parts etc)???
I'm not sure on the prices of the springs from all of the fine companies listed. I took my cruiser to a local spring shop and spent about 45 minutes talking to a guy that has been making springs for about 35 years. After talking to him I got a quote for $180 for each of my rear springs. The new springs place the rear axle back by .75" and the whole spring is 2.25" longer. Also I was able to get him to put spring clips on it that will allow the springs to seperate quite a bit. After installing it I put it on a loading ramp and I ran out of guts before I had a tire leave the ground. I'm very happy with them. Just a thought if your thinking about buying springs you might want to get exactly what you want.
Mine Rated Springs  :D

I have HJ60 Old Man Emu Dampers in the rear.
Yesterday I fitted Gabriel Red Ryder Gas RT 37861 to the front.  (Made in U.S.A. :doh: )
Currently have the Original Springs all round(7 Leafs in Rear, But have removed 2 Leafs from the front thus now I have 6 Leafs).
Leaning to the Front Right and Rear Left. :p
thanks everyone for the input. I am totally new to the whole landcruiser thing...I have had toyota pickups forever and just couldn't bring myself to getting a *eep. I will not be doing any hardcore 4wheeling...mostly old abandoned logging roads and camping. I have 5.5 inch shackles and stock springs now. form the PO. I found a skyjacker kit that has stock shackles and 2" springs...will probably go with that. one more question...what is the stock shackle length for a 79 much lift do I have with a 5.5 inch shackle now? close to 2"?? thanks again for the help!!
shackle lift = 1/2 shackle length

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