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Oct 1, 2013
Kaneohe, HI
Finally picked up an 80 series after a year or so thinking about it and browsing craigslist. It belonged to a friend of mine and when he let me know it was up for sale, he told me he'd give me a deal. I actually got to the point where I was prepping my 62 to sell so I could have some extra cash for fun bumpers and things, but after I got it detailed and spent a bunch of cash making it look nice, the head gasket blew... :censor:

That is another story though...

Ended up buying this 80 yesterday for a pretty darn good deal. It's got some funny little things, but mechanically it is very happy. I am the third owner.

Here are the details:

-1991 Charcoal grey FJ80 with 198k miles

-Recently serviced tranny
-basically all new gaskets everywhere so nothing is leaking
-Recent paint job
-no rust whatsoever
-stock suspension

The interior is ok shape, although I am used to the immaculate interior of my 62. I think the first owner did some weird stuff with the inside. Most everything is the grey interior, but there is tan carpet, seat covers, and parts of the panels are tan and other parts are grey. I have never seen the two-tone party in an 80 before but maybe some of you have? Anyway, after two days it's really starting to bug me. I am on the look out for interior pieces to make it all grey, so if anyone's got anything, let me know!

Here's what I want to do over the next year or so:

-complete grey interior
-possibly tinted windows
-arb front bumper (stock bumper is dented, so already have an excuse)
-ome 2.5" lift
-33" bfg all terrains (or maybe something else, not sure yet how I fell about the new ATs)
-rear bumper with tire carrier (4x4 labs or maybe Sean if he's still making them, since san diego isn't a far drive for me)
-drawer set (i built a set in my 62 that I may just modify and move over)
-maybe an aussie locker...
-what else?

I'm sure i'll think of some other stuff.

Anyway, I will post lots of pics as I make it happen.

As I'm spending money on the 60, I need to wait before I spend tons of cash on fun stuff for this. So I've been trying to do little fixes here and there. Rewired two speakers since they weren't working anymore, fixing the door lock actuators. Also found out that I can open the drivers door with any key I want to use! :rolleyes:

Yesterday I spend some time fixing up the center console area. It was completely thrashed with water stains and other crud. The PO also installed a jenky cup holder by glueing it to the surface. I forgot to take a pic of it before I started the process, but here is just the front section before:

I pulled it off and cleaned it real well with saddle soap and a brush to get all the stains out. Not bad for just saddle soap application...
Then black shoe polish in the morning and buffed with cloth and reinstalled.


I am pretty happy with how it came out. You can barely see the glue stains from the old cup holder. I just wish I could fix that bubbling plastic in the transmission shifter boot.

I was thinking of doing it to the whole center console but the door hinge is broken so I'd rather just upgrade to something like a tuffy or smittybilt. We shall see...

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