1. ChiTown

    Builds  Not your average build thread

    Mine probably won't be the average build as I focus is on keeping the on-road manners (where we spend 99% of our time) and focusing comfort, range, and towing so i figured I'd document the build. Goals- Comfort- I'm getting to be an old man so comfort is king and I affectionately refer to the...
  2. Napster

    Builds  Gr80 Build

    Sooo... my 40th is coming up and I want to do a big trip but the pig is in pieces. I am not sure how I talked my wife into it but I figured I should buy another rig! Newer, but since I have a small budget I was shopping for something that needed work. I was open to 4runners, Tacoma, fj80, fj60...
  3. Tad Dayton

    For Sale  *SOLD* 92 FJ80 Land Cruiser for sale, OME lift and 35 inch tires, needs work, 260 k miles

    had a breakdown in our beloved "ethyl" the FJ80 Land Cruiser on the way home from camping, and I've been too busy to work on it, or even find out why it died. It does not currently and is a project vehicle, sold as is. It has a Red Eye Fabrication Front bumper that is very heavy duty and a...
  4. 80 Sack

    For Sale  1994 FZJ80 Expedition Build - 158,000 Miles

    Up for sale is one of the best built 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80s around. It has been built and maintained by an OCD 80 series fanatic willing to take the time to do things right. It has NOT been worked on by ANY mechanics trying to get the job done quickly to make $$. Unless otherwise notes...
  5. NookShneer

    SOLD  The North Face VE25 Tent

    Purchased a few years back, used on one trip. Looking for $500 plus the ride. Payment via PayPal. I have a new 40 project begging for attention. Includes the footprint which is normally a separate purchase. Also snow stakes and regular stakes. Bomber ground tent for the worst conditions...
  6. U

    For Sale  FS 05 4runner limited 4wd expo build

    For sale Florida 2 owner located in Pensacola Florida. 2005 4Runner limited 4x4 silver with tan leather interior. Zero rust anywhere. Very clean under carriage, interior is amazingly clean, zero rips, tears or stains! 130k low miles for the year. Never wrecked. All maintenance performed by...
  7. U

    2005 4th gen 4Runner 4wd limted

    For sale Florida 2 owner located in Pensacola Florida. 2005 4Runner limited 4x4 silver with tan leather interior. Zero rust anywhere. Very clean under carriage, interior is amazingly clean, zero rips, tears or stains! 130k low miles for the year. Never wrecked. All maintenance performed by...
  8. mesa man

    Death Valley fj40 article!

    Got toyota trails? Check out my first published article for TT. I had an amazing time on this overland adventure!Toyota Trails - November/December 2018 Issue P.S. Always have a fire extinguisher ready! :steer:
  9. Classic85

    For Sale  Fuse Block Bluesea

    Blue Sea 5032, new in box $40.00 Blue Sea 2128 BusBar new in box $18.00 Blue Sea 7721 Safety Fuse Block Max 300amp Used, not abused $18.00 Shipping on you
  10. mti88m3

    For Sale  2000 Range Rover Expedition Vehicle - Noblesville, IN, US

    You won't find a more aggressively spec'd P38 in the US. This example is equipped for overland expeditions - it's been to Moab Utah, many trips in the Sierra Nevadas, Death Valley and King of Hammers as a support rig. It's a custom made vehicle and has a few scars to prove it. Features include...
  11. CV Kurt

    NV Native Trout Hunt

    Today I'll pack my FJC up in prep for my solo NV Native Trout Hunt, heading out early Sunday morning, :steer: by 4AM. The target trout list includes: * Bonneville Cutthroat, found in creeks in and near Great Basin N.P. in White Pine county. * Yellowstone Cutthroat, found in a Goose Creek and...
  12. Ugly Dwarf

    For Sale  Con Ferr Roof Rack (Medium Length) - CA - Bay Area - $275

    Medium length (66" x 60") Conn Fer roof rack. It has no floor (other than the three cross bars) and is dirty with surface rust, but looks to be straight and undamaged. It comes with six (6) mounts / feet. I can include some reproduction Conn Fer stickers I got from SMG (here on Mud) a while...
  13. Ugly Dwarf

    For Sale  1994 Land Cruiser Parts - Hitch, Front Bumper, Spare Tire Carrier - CA - SF Bay Area

    I'm cleaning out some spare parts that I've been hoarding in the side yard for too long and will never use. OEM Front Bumper and Brackets. Two holes drilled by PO for fog lights which were discarded long ago. Dirty but good condition. $60 OEM / Stock Location Spare Tire Carrier and winch...
  14. COMEUP

    COMEUP Winch used in Historic crossing of Greenland Ice Sheet

    ComeUp Winch is proud to have been the trusted winches on the vehicles used recently in this historic expedition. The first 4wheel Drive vehicles to traverse the long axis of the Greenland Ice Sheet. Take a look at this article from Outside Magazine, in connection with Overland Journal that...
  15. SOAZtim

    The Goose is loose. FZJ80 Campteq Pop-Top

    Well, old Goose, our 1995 80 series went through some big changes over the last year. We had a nicely built truck for every bit of exploring we did over the last 8 or so years. The problem was that there wasn't any interior living space and we were planning to live in the truck for a year or...
  16. r2m

    For Sale  1998 UZJ100 Landcruiser, So Cal, 80% expo out, $12k

    1998 Landcruiser. River Rock Mica Green. Asking $12,000 $6,500!!! Here's the good, bad and ugly: The good: · Here is my suspension: 35 in tires on 100 series. · Note the custom transfer case lever. ;) · Here are my wheels (before the lift): New wheels for the UZJ100...
  17. vegansbane

    SOLD  Maggiolina Extreme RTT w/Removable Winter Hood

    I'm selling my Maggiolina Extreme rooftop tent to offset some other upgrades. It's the "small" model in standard white/light grey color. Included is the Winter Hood cold weather insulation (OEM, it's a metallicized cover that attached over the normal walls). The Extreme model has an extra...
  18. Paulrotterdam

    Builds  Toyota HZJ75 Troopy interior build

    In August, my wife and I will be leaving on a year long world trip. The trip will take us from Rotterdam to India, then we'll ship the car to Kenya and travel down the east coast to South Africa and finally ship the car back to Holland. We recently bought a 1996 HZJ75 for the trip. Technically...
  19. Steve D

    For Sale  2014 Turtleback Expedition trailer w/RTT - Georgia

    ******SOLD****** 2014 Turtleback Expedition camp trailer Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA $17,000 For sale is the Turtleback I purchased in 2016 from the original owner. I am changing jobs and will no longer have unlimited free storage space or flexibility to take expedition-length trips...
  20. myquestoyota

    Looking for Tacoma area FJ40's

    Need a few more 40's for the photo op/baton hand off somewhere with a view of the Narrows Bridge somewhere around January 6th or 11th? FJ40 Cross-Country Expedition: Will YOU join us???
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