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May 25, 2023
Hello, my dad has quite the project started, and I have volunteered to help. (He's a young 82) lol

He's got an 83 FJ60 that we de-smogged and re-sealed. He also upgraded the front brakes to T100 or something.

Anyway, it doesn't have enough power for him. So he bought an 6.6 L8T with the 6L90 transmission. And then the appropriate two stick Atlas case. 🤪

So now, he thinks he needs/wants better axles. So what better source than another landcruiser- so he just got an 1994 FJ80 with lockers.

Plan is to strip the 80 down to bare frame, sandblast, shorten it for the 60 wheelbase and then start back together with the 60 body on the modified 80 frome.

Shouldn't take much more than a year or so. 🤣


Huge props to your dad, absolutely f'n love he bit off a project like this and is ready to grind the axe on it.

Huge props to you for jumping in with your dad - it'll make memories that are second to none. I did the same thing with my 60 purchase but lost my father shortly afterwards. No time like the present, life's short and memories are everything.

You'll absolutely love the driveline/frame/axle/suspension swap end result. Ton of info and build threads available. Ohio - can't be overstated, coat/protect anything and everything.

Looking forward to this build and pulling for you guys to f'n smash it out of the park!


Pretty amazing project! This one might be awhile.
My god...

While searching for suitable (cheap) donor vehicles, we wanted one with factory lockers. Well, over my objections, dad drove 7 hrs to get one from Michigan with "typical Michigan rust". Oh boy.

Good thing we weren't planning on using the body. But I did have some hopes of possibly selling it for a little something...

But it's done now. Gotta work with it. Sandblasting will make 100% difference.

Note the high voltage glove 🤣. It, grocery sacks and feed sacks were stuffed in various holes before the "paint job"




The 80 had the abs light lit up before we started disassembly.

Ideally, we would like to retain the ABS, but I see so much about deleting it. Is that mostly due to parts availability and cost?

Is the abs self contained enough to survive the transplant?

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