Modifying a LX570?

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Oct 22, 2002
Durango, Colorado
Looks like I'm going to be moving towards replacing my 80 series and the wife want to goto a 200.

I've been through the whole 200 series picture thread and searched to no avail to find a heavily modified LX570. Has anyone successfully installed a standard array of armor on the Lexus? Or are the plastic body panels just too different to have bumpers/sliders look clean?

I have not dove into the suspension differences yet but I'm sure the LX has an auto ride something that would need to be removed to install a lift.

Anyway is the LX just been too "malled up" to bother with unless I want to custom build everything. I'd like my end result pretty similar to how my 80 is built. (Armored and on 35's).
Yes, you are correct. The shape of the body panels, including the running boards are totally different. As far as I know, there is not a member here with what we would consider a built LX.

You are also correct about the suspension. The AHC plays a big role in making any sort of modifications a major headache (a-la must be removed).

If you want to actually build something cool, I would stay away from the LX, unless you like fab work. :hillbilly:
I don't want to make time to custom build armor for this vehicle. That a bummer its not supported, but probably unique to our market globally (I'm assuming). So it makes sense economically as a vendor. I was leaning that direction though so I guess the field has been narrowed to only the LC :( I guess now I have to think about how important ventilated seats are to me as thats the only appeal to a newer 200 IMO.
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2013+ LC comes standard with front ventilated seats.
2013+ LC comes standard with front ventilated seats.

Yes I know. Thus my cost/value analysis on that feature. Nothing else about the 2013+ is a game changer for me. I'm fine with a 2008 otherwise. This will not be a daily driver, just a family expo rig. So what ever year we end up with will basically last forever at 5-10K per year. If it were not for the dismal power of my 80 I'd just keep it. But towing in CO is unbearable anymore at 10,000lbs combined weight.
2013 was a major technology update for LC. Some of these features are radar cruise control, pre-collision warning, 5 speed crawl control, four cameras, entune, and many more.
2013 was a major technology update for LC. Some of these features are radar cruise control, pre-collision warning, 5 speed crawl control, four cameras, entune, and many more.

Yes, I know. None of those interest me. I don't personally care for electronic nanny's. Prefer a pair of ARB's installed over anything crawl control has to offer. Well except for the electronic cutting brake feature what ever its called. The radar cruise and pre collision stuff I honestly don't want. my wife likes the camera's but for me MEH. Other than hooking up the camper would be easier with the rear view pending a rear bumper carrier.

I just wish Toyota would offer us an honest base model cruiser. Oh, and a diesel. But I won't get on my soap box today. :deadhorse:
Be cheaper to mod and bling-up an LC to something closer to an LX internal appearance than go the other way and toughen a LX and lose the silly plastic and chrome nonsense. The badge may be important to you of course .....but really an LX is just an LC in heavy makeup, some air suspension and an extra 10 grand.
The LX badge is meaningless to me. I guess I have not made myself clear.

I want ventilated seats. I was looking into the LX as Lexus offered them on earlier model years than the LC. I know 2013 was the first year for them on the LC. I just need to determine now how important they are to me ($$$) as nothing else about the 2013+ is important. So for me personally, do I want to buy a 2013 for say 45-50K verse a 2008 for 30-35K just to vent my arse.

My hopes were to find an early model LX with the seat option and save 10 grand as I plan to wheel this truck like any other and 10 G buys a bunch of mods.

Another plus for me on the LX are color options with a tan interior. Pretty much white for me as green/blue/red are low production colors. Black is not an option at any price.
My 2011 does not have ventilated seats but the M5 and the GL do, both ordered options.
Once you have them and can avoid swamp a$$ on long trips you really do grow to appreciate them.

I was somehow trying to figure out how to swap the 11 for a 13 FOR the vented seat but then reality hit my ( or was it my wife) anyway there are bigger things to worry about, like a super charger.
I could see trying to install some OEM vented seats but not aftermarket as I assume there are airbags that deploy out the side like most other cars.

Supercharger would be cool but I can think of other places to put that money for my needs. The 5.7 puts out double the power I'm used to so I'm sure I'll be satisfied under the hood.
Corbet, I still have my 80, love the relative simplicity of it. Before I bought my 200 I stopped by Slee's, Ben said if I did get an LX, even they hadn't done suspension work on one yet.

The AHC is available in other countries on LC's and appears to be more robust than in the past. Unless there is a physical reason you can't bolt armor on, most of the original plastic is trimmed down anyway right, I would still consider an LX.

I've driven underpowered Toyota trucks for almost 20 years before getting the 5.7, 1st big trip in the mountains fully loaded over the holidays, I just smiled all the way. Good luck in your search.
I may be completely wrong about this, but I think I remember seeing that the AHC lines interfered with sliders??? Again, I may be completely off base.
Read the thread by the member that drove his across Africa. His had a AHC/AVS suspension with only upgraded armored vehicle shocks (heavier load bearing) because he added 800+ lbs with bumpers, drawers and frig. Never added sliders since he was not going rock crawling. If you have to go rock crawling then you will have a design issue. Based on your posts you need a 80 series and a solution for your cold/sweaty ass? ;)
Corbet, the off-the-shelf sliders designed for the LC200 are not compatible to the LX due to the AHC lines/components. It doesn't necessarily mean sliders can't be fitted though. Just like sliders for the LX470, they need to be built with the AHC components in mind... but at the moment, nobody I know makes such a product. The LX running boards are not compatible with any sliders and would need to be be trimmed, removed or replaced with LC rocker trim.

Some have installed aftermarket LC200 front bumpers on the LX. Fit is not perfect though. The AHC pump interferes with fitting some (maybe all) aftermarket rear bumpers. If you are willing to remove the AHC equipment, you will open yourself to more options. But I don't expect any of the Australian/S. American/European manufacturers to design front bumpers for the LX570.

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