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Jan 1, 2018
Fort Leonard Wood, MO
FNG to the LC side of the house figured we’d take a dive into the 100 series world. Looking forward to hunting down gremlins on this 04 we picked up on 17Feb2022. Thread tile says daily, but don’t know how likely that will be seeing as I’ve used my 05 Tundra as a daily for years, and not crazy bout the gas with my drive to work. Either way we will sort it all out one way or another.

My wife spotted this one on one of those sites for used vehicles from out credit union which turns out to be an extension of True Car or something like that.

She shot me the link to check it out, looked pretty clean on the site. Contacted the dealer which was 4.5 hrs away, she was kind enough to shoot me a few photos and a short video walk around of the truck. Damn thing looked good enough to take the 4.5 hr drive. Long story short, I got off early from work, drove to Oklahoma, and ended up driving the truck home that night.

Looking forward to learning some of the 100 series s*** that makes these trucks awesome.

Picked her up clean frame, interior in pretty great shape, stoked that the frame is rust free. She’s a two owner, dealer serviced truck from Norton Toyota in Tulsa, OK.



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Pulled the Toyota maintenance records on this big booty Judy. Everything looks good from what I can piece together. Big ticket item like the timing belt & water pump were replaced at around 105K and then again at 177k. So we should be good to hook on that for a bit. I’ll try to keep a good rolling log, starting with the Toyota reported stuff, and see what lines up with carfax in some type of reverse chronological order.

3Mar2022 Transmission Drain and Fill


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Let’s see how many parts we can throw at this 100 series with 195K miles on it.

68950-69057 STAY ASSY, BACK DOOR R $34.03
68960-69017 STAY ASSY, BACK DOOR L $33:03

87961-60840 MIRROR OUTER, LH $44.89
87931-60801 MIRROR OUTER, RH $45.19

76622-60060 Mudflap L $31.00
76621-60070 Mudflap R $31.00
76642-60020 Mudflap Bracket L $7.31
76641-60020 Mudflap Bracket Ri $7.31
90119-06779 Bolt, W/Washer (6) .58 ea
90159-60576 Rocker Panel Molding Screw .74 ea
90189-06211 Ground Effects Grommet Screw .85 ea

43430-60040 CV Axle (used emergency) $150

SUS100BJKIT 555 upper and lower ball joints
(Cruiser Outfitters) $135

44250-60100 Gear Assy, Power Steering $596
87248-60460 Pipe, Water x2 $21.56
96136-52101 Clip, Hose x4 $18.12
90467-21010 Clip x8 $28.16

16400-50290 Radiator Assy. $497
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Suspension Upgrade

29Mar22 $1079.25

@Ironman 4x4 USA Nitro Gas 2” Stage 2 Kit.
(2) Front Nitro gas Shocks 12795GR
(2) Rear Nitro gas Shocks 12796GR
(2) Rear Coils TOY025C
(2) Torsion Bars TOY050
(1) Differential Drop Kit IDD100
(2) Torsion Bar Reinforcement BRACKET100
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Dealership sales walk around of the truck. 4.5 hrs away and freezing temps that day, we just wanted to get as much info on it as we could.

Video wasn’t as detailed as I would’ve liked, however the sales team later took some good pictures sent via text. Good enough that the wife and hopped in the truck and drove to Oklahoma that day.


No big doings on the 1D2 girlly girl. Got off work early and knocked out the running board delete. Passenger side lines in the way, made me get up and look for 1/4” drive swivel stuff, but no biggie. Cleaned out the debris hiding behind the fender liner, who knows how long it’s been there. 100% on board with free modifications.



Rear hatch claimed me as its first victim, struts hold at the halfway point, then slowly give out, but not looking for round two TBI, so these struts are trash to me. Got a set on order, which came in yesterday, so swapped em out today. Went with the OEM KYB stuff, I figure if they lasted even just 10 years on a 18 year old truck, I’m good with that. All good to hook now on the rear hatch.

68950-69057 STAY ASSY, BACK DOOR (Right)
68960-69017 STAY ASSY, BACK DOOR (Left)





No big doings. Ordered a set of mirrors last week, they just showed up today, so got em changed out. Bought my 04 last month which came with some aftermarket Muth signal mirrors. The driver's side was janky already, turns out the lower clips are broken, and the lights are done. Not wanting to replace them with the $110 price tag on em, ended getting that pair via Modern Toyota’s March deal of 25% off Genuine Parts and free shipping.

Busted Lower Clips

Deleted the LED signal tap.


OEM stuff, definitely better built.
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Pulled the running boards a few weeks ago, which left the front fender liners kinda flapping in the wind. Ordered up the front mud guards along with the associated brackets and hardware. OEM stuff of course.

7662260060 Mudflap Left
7662160070 Mudflap Right
7664260020 Mudflap Bracket Left
7664160020 Mudflap Bracket Right
9011906779 Bolt, W/Washer (6)
9015960576 Rocker Panel Molding Screw (2)
9018906211 Ground Effects Kit Grommet Screw (2)

Just after deleting the running boards

Driver’s Side all in

Passenger side all in

Part Numbers

Car parts came in from Sherwood, Oregon. Looks like the torsion bars didn’t make the trip, but will be here on Friday. Nothing crazy or fancy, just looking for a solid upgrade over the OEM suspension. At this price point, I think it’s a decent solution. Came at a discount for @Ironman 4x4 USA 's March promotion 25% off and free shipping, so I’ll take that small win. Hope everyone is having a great week.

Ironman 4x4’s Nitro Gas 2” stage 2 kit, which came with the diff drop bracket.


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Nice ride, good sign to see the TB job done twice at the proper intervals. previous owner must have had some $$$

I kind of want to put front mud flaps back on my rig as well to keep rocks from flying up. I can't add the rear since I have aftermarket bumper . Then again I might just rip these suckers off after a few times off roading so not sure if it makes sense.
Nice ride, good sign to see the TB job done twice at the proper intervals. previous owner must have had some $$$

I kind of want to put front mud flaps back on my rig as well to keep rocks from flying up. I can't add the rear since I have aftermarket bumper . Then again I might just rip these suckers off after a few times off roading so not sure if it makes sense.

Thanks @Mike NXP Definitely stoked to call it mine. This truck was something I’ve always thought was out of my reach with regard to price and cost of ownership, but definitely an iconic vehicle I’ve always admired. Seen a bunch of variations overseas throughout multiple assignments, and quietly wanted for a while.

I was pleasantly surprised when I input the VIN into the Toyota Owner system. This 100 series was dealer maintained like clockwork, which was a huge bonus while in the decision making process. I too would assume the previous owner did make good money, as we know Toyota Dealer Maintenance isn’t the cheapest around.

I was toying with the idea of taking the die grinder to the mud flaps while I had them off, but decided against it. Maybe something I’ll revisit later. The mud flaps do have their role, however they do visually give the truck a lower look, at least to me.




Not a whole lot going on. Got big booty Judy up in the air and knocked out greasing the U-joints and slip yokes. While I had her in the air noticed that imma probably need a skid for the fuel tank.

Greased up, took a 5 mile loop, and checked again.

Fuel tank skid not too bad, but might end up getting one sooner than later.


General inspection.

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