Mean Green Starters?

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Oct 27, 2003
North Cadillac
The starter might be about done for. Didn't start first time yesterday, so i smacked the starter with a wrench and wahlah. I think this usually means the contacts or something is worn-out. My question: Is the mean green starter worth the money or should i go OEM?
It's amazing what you can find when you search! :D :whoops:

Found my answer. Guess i should stick with OEM. :beer:
[quote author=concretejungle link=board=2;threadid=7668;start=msg64251#msg64251 date=1069099311]
Found my answer. Guess i should stick with OEM. :beer:[/quote]
Yup. ;) :flipoff2:
It's most likely contacts and the solonoid plunger. You can replace them easy enough for cheap. Go to a local 'alternator repair' type shop. I got them for my 93 for like $15.

it *could* also be windings or motor brushes, but so far I've done like 8 different starters and it's always been contacts. Maybe I'm lucky :D

You didn't elaborate on what your search revealed. We're assuming you decided to keep the original starter and replace the contacts and plunger as suggested by Chris. If so, that's your best option.
The only application for mean green is in older trucks without gear reduction, etc.

The stock 80 starter is beefy, let well enough alone and fix it.
The search revealed that the Mean Green Starters are not worth the money. I'll follow the advice and get mine re-built. It's not gone yet, it just didn't turn over once. I had to put 3 starters in my old trooper so this is nothing new.

If i buy a new one the old is yours :flipoff2:
What Junk was implying was that the stock starter is usually never bad and can be reconditioned with a VERY low cost to be just like new....
I went to the Mean Green starter and have no complaints. After installing the turbo the under hood temp increased and if it was hot outside the combination would cause my Cruiser to do nothing when I shut it off after driving, like stopping at the gas station. Jumped in, turned the key, lights on the dash would come on, but nothing else. I would open the hood and let her cool off for maybe 10 minutes then it would start right up. After installing the Mean Green starter I have not had this happen.
I asked Toyota service if there was some kind of heat disabling thing on the starter and they said they didn't think so, obviously it was something to do with heat and the starter.

We've had a couple of posters on this forum that didn't get the typical "click-click-start" symptoms. Theirs went to a hard failure that resulted in expensive damage to the alternator and electrical system.

Please don't postpone the starter repair. It's a 1 banana, 1 hr job for an old hand like you. The parts are cheap from C-Dan or your local dealer.
I'd rather have you fix your starter than get it from you, seriously!

It won't take long to do it. Get 2 sets of contacts and keep one in your parts or tool bag. Just in case.

Also though, one important note that most don't mention in their writeups, DO NOT OVERTORQUE THE BOLTS WHEN YOU RE-INSTALL IT!!!!!!. If so, you could be Fat Kidding it :flipoff2:.

In case you get in a jam, don't forget you may be able to get a few free bonus starts by tapping it with a brass hammer or even a rachet.

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