Max Towing with modified LC

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Jun 16, 2008
I have a 2005 LC with lockers, 4.88's, bumpers, skid plates, etc....

With all the new added weight and bigger tires , what is the max towing capacity?
I know stock it's 7,500, is this still realistic????

7500lbs isn't realistic even when it is stock. Anything more than about 4500lbs becomes a handful. That is just my opinion based on my experiences. People can do whatever they want. I think you'll have a hard time getting a factual response as everyone has their own opinion and nobody wants to say what they did is stupid.
Actually the stock tow rating is 6500 lbs if using a load equalizer such as Hensley Arrow or Equal-i-zer.

Theoretically it is still 6500 pounds as long as you don't exceed the weight supported over the front or rear axle or the GWVR with the trailer connected to the hitch. The only way to determine that is to have the truck weighed.

Beyond what is legal and recommended by Toyota there is also what you feel comfortable with and the terrain. You probably don't want to drive a fully loaded 100 with 6500 lbs trailer over steep mountain roads all day.

My 2 Cents.
I've towed my 2000lbs triple axle flat bed with a 71 caddilac eldo on it. Not sure about exact weight but I'm sure it was up there. Getting up to speed of the freeway was slow, but the stock LX handled it fine.
I don't know what you can pull with it, But I have a 99 that my mom is driving now because I went and bought a 2500 durmax for pulling. If you are going to be pulling a heavy trailer often you might want to look for something different. I miss that 99 every time I see it but it would not pull the 20' enclosed trailer with all of the construction equipment and bobcat in it. :cheers:
I've towed another 100 on a #1500 car trailer, on the flat for 60 miles one way. It was not a safe feeling and I wouldn't do it again. My 21' camp trailer is a 4000 lb gross and I tow it anywhere I want with the trailer brakes. Trailer brakes are the key, a 100 can get the load moving but is it safe to get it stopped.

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