Marshall appreciation day...

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Apr 8, 2009
Western Carolina
Anybody in the BOD feel like making a special day for Marshall appreciation day? I know I have used the s%*t out of him lately on this 40 build, and have done some good bartering, as I am sure most of us have, or had him weld some stuff we messed up (won't say who that is, but they know). Or stood by as he changed a clutch while the rest of us mainly talked. Any how, maybe we could make it an official UC holiday or something, send him a card etc...ya know, how mothers day got started. Lemme know what you think....
I talked to him yesterday, and he is working on it this Sunday, I plan on going down to Mauldin to lend a hand, if anyone else is interested, i'll be down there.... That was when he said he was working on it next...But if he works on it again Saturday, i'll probably come down again, plus my new truck might be done at RHT... that'd be a fun trip
5/22 he and I are supposed to be going up to Jim Barkley Toyota in Asheville to graciously accept their huge donation to GSMTR.

Well dang...... I can't make it this weekend, but anyone after that Sat. or Sun. I am game if you guys want to all show up and take over Marshall's garage:grinpimp:
I can't make it this weekend either, and I doubt Marshall wants me wrenching on his Cruiser :hillbilly:, but he is definitely a huge asset to UC and often goes out of his way to help out.
This is how fawked Marshall...
It was drying in the garage when it began to rain. We moved it over to the side, and the guy who was painting it had it propped up on 5gal buckets on the inner rim, we thought that it was all squared up, and BAM!! that corner hit the floor and broke loose some bondo I didn't know was there, and broke the paint. It curled up the outer lip a bit, so I get to fix that!!! YAY FOR ME!!! In the meantime, it doesn't really seat on the tub, but hopefully I can get some metal put in there, and it isn't too much or else i'll be looking for a new passenger side hard top panel...
Thanks guys. I have to say that there are a lot of people in this club that deserve the same recognition.

I'm working all day on the cruiser today. So if you would like to give me a hand come on. If you would like to drink my beer. Well come on.

500 marsh creek dr
mauldin, sc 29662
Just wanted to thank Jay for coming down. Drove 3 hrs round trip to come help me.

We ended up getting the new radiator in. As well we finished up the last part of the rear sill and got the rear fender back on. We even managed to get the old gal started.

Thank you again sir.

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