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Apr 9, 2021
I’ve got a 2003 LX470 and want to upgrade my wheels but keep in-house. Looking for anything TRD that fits. Does anyone know wheel model numbers that fit? I’ve looked & looked but can’t find any information about the 5 bolt spacing of these TRD wheels and if they fit 03’s. Thoughts?
Jul 23, 2012
Since you couldn't search, I'll give you the short notes on it.

Only "TRD" wheels in 5x150 are the forged Rock Warriors (expensive), and the 18" BBS TRD Pros, which also came in just 18" TRD (cast). There were never any TRD wheels that came OEM with LX or Land Cruiser 100s. However, in order to run the Rock Warrior, you need to buy 1 to 1.25 inch spacers. Any less, you can't run the wheel cap.

There's also a ton of Tundra wheels out there, most of them you will need to run a wheel spacer.

Nobody searches up model numbers unless you're rich and go to the parts counter at Toyota. What you're looking for are Rock Warriors and BBS TRD Pro wheels.

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