1. C

    Diagnosing EVAP system codes P0442 and P0456

    (long post warning) In my journey to revive my new 2004 LX470, I've got P0442 and P0456 pending codes that are preventing the car from passing emissions. (They eventually turn on the CEL). I'm trying to diagnose the issue in this post and hopefully tap into the collective knowledge of forum...
  2. LonghornMudder

    Wanted  ISO Evap / charcoal canister for 2006 year model 100-series

    Attempting to remedy codes being thrown from my 2006 LX470 related to charcoal canister. This is the version in the rear undercarriage above the spare tire location, not under the hood. Toyota / Lexus Part No.: 77740-60450 Hoping someone might be parting out an '06 or '07 100-series with a...
  3. 3rdgen7

    For Sale  West Hills, CA 2007 Lexus LX470

    I’m selling my 2007 Lexus LX470 that just hit 200k miles. This vehicle has no issues whatsoever and has never given me any problems throughout the 6 years of owning it. The engine runs flawlessly and is extremely smooth, this thing does not struggle to move and has more than enough power to do...
  4. C

    What's this cross member called?

    Looking for the part number of this cross member on a 2004 LX. Pic isn't from my truck, but mine is in a similar rusty state and I was wondering if it's easily replaceable with a dry piece.
  5. L

    For Sale  2006 LX470 Driver and Passenger Side Mirrors

    Up for sale are one driver side mirror and one passenger side mirror. Both are in good condition, see photos below. They are removed from my 2006 LX470. The driver's side mirror does not fully dim when sensing light which is why it was replaced. The passenger side mirror does dim when sensing...
  6. C

    Broken front sway bar mounting point

    Something that I missed when inspecting my new LX470 before purchase: the front sway bar mounting point on the chassis is broken. Does anyone sell a replacement part? Or will I have to get this custom fabricated by a frame shop?
  7. C

    Bouncy AHC. Can I check health of system before trying replacing globes?

    I got a new 2004 LX470 and it came with a bouncy rear end. I know the accumulators need replacing. I want to keep the AHC system (I like the ride) if I can and want to know if there's a way to check/inspect the rest of the system for issues before I decide if I want to replace the rear globes or...
  8. MoneyMike

    For Sale  LX470 Third row seats Tan - Atlanta

    Coming out of my 2003, decent shape with normal wear and tear. left seat bottom release lever a little wonky but still works. Pick up in Atlanta Area. Note detailed condition in attached photos. $300 please.
  9. H

    LX470 Vibration and impact feel at all speed

    Hi there, I have a GCC spec 2007 LX470 with a conventional LC100 suspension set up (AHC was cancelled). It's been a good long while since the AHC delete and the ride was very smooth but for the past couple of months the car has been very harsh on even the tiniest road imperfections. Even in...
  10. MarkyB

    SOLD  SoCal 2003 LX470

    Excellent condition LX470, also known as 100 Series Land Cruiser. Lexus just added some more bells and whistles. This beautiful beast will take you and your family and your extended family literally anywhere you want to go. Full time all wheel drive, high and low, center diff lock, AHC delete...
  11. G

    100 Series Stock 16 inch Wheel Tire Advice

    Hi Mudders, Recently got an IMFC upgrade on my 100 series. The front is sitting @ 21" and back @ 23" from hub to wheel well. I am still running the 16X8JJ wheels and a Michellin 275/70R16. However, I am looking to put a larger tire on the ride. What are the maximum-sized tires that I can put...
  12. TMoney10

    SOLD  Socal 2000 Toyota Land cruiser

    2000 Toyota Land cruiser condition: good cylinders: 8 cylinders drive: 4wd fuel: gas odometer: 187000 paint color: green size: full-size title status: clean transmission: automatic type: SUV Up for sale in my 2000 toyota land cruiser Vehicle runs great and no issues. There is dents and dings and...
  13. C

    For Sale  Gallatin Tn 1999 Lx470

    Lexus lx470, 2uzfe, running. old man emu lift kit (heavy duty) New alternator
  14. O

    Greetings from NC (intro post)

    After looking for used 4-runners and GX 470s, my wife and I found a couple LX470s at similar price points, albeit a few years older. We would up grabbing this 2001 LX 470 with 160k miles for right at 10K and have loved it so far. We've had it for almost a year, and haven't made any major...
  15. kpoints

    LX470 TRD Wheels

    I’ve got a 2003 LX470 and want to upgrade my wheels but keep in-house. Looking for anything TRD that fits. Does anyone know wheel model numbers that fit? I’ve looked & looked but can’t find any information about the 5 bolt spacing of these TRD wheels and if they fit 03’s. Thoughts?
  16. S

    LX470 passenger door issue

    Good day to all You may not want to take a drink because when you read this it may cause you to laugh so hard you spray the screen..... I was having the dreaded door lock issue ... so with the fine help of this forum I ordered the small replacement motors and started to replace them one by...
  17. P

    Best LX470 Exterior Color? (3 Votes Allowed)

    Vote above on your favorite LX470 exterior colors (3 votes allowed). Note that I ran out of voting options so I combined colors that were similar and made the executive decision to ax gold from the list. Sorry, don’t mind gold but thought it would not be a top vote getter. Feel free to post...
  18. P

    Lower Oil Pan Gasket Fix - 2 Methods

    Hey, I have a 2000 LX470 that needs its lower oil pan gasket seal replaced. I called Lexus and they use a solution to clean the two parts, apply a solution sealant and bolt them back together. He also recommended I change the oil plug while I’m at it. Lastly he said let the solution cure for...
  19. C

    Engine Rebuild Process

    First post of any substance. I met someone whose 170K 2007 LX470 overheated. Diagnosis revealed the cause to be due to transmission fluid in the antifreeze solution. Leading to overheating and a blown upper radiator tank. Assume the transmission cooler inside the radiators opened up and that was...
  20. G

    Prospeed Roof Rack Easter Sale $100 off CODE UZJ100

    As the title stated, Use code UZJ100 for $100 off of Prospeed Rack. I'm not affiliated with Prospeed, just wanted to spread the discount. Cost should work until the end of next week. https://prospeedrack.com/
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