1. Cola

    craigslist  Saint Simons Island: 2005 LX470 not mine but NICE 145,000 miles $15,300

  2. L

    Wanted  100 series LX470 door panel needed (gray)

    Looking for a gray passenger rear interior door panel for my 2001 Lx470. If you have one for sale please contact me. If I don't respond quickly on here, feel free to text/call me at 706-676-7385. Thanks!
  3. suprarx7nut

    For Sale  Colorado: LX470 Power Folding Mirrors with Switch and Computer

    I bought these to convert my 99 Land Cruiser to have the retract feature for my narrow garage. Instead, I bought an entire LX470, so now I don't need these. Oops. My loss is your gain. I have two mirrors from an LX470 (both in a white pearl, I believe). One mirror control switch with the...
  4. S

    For Sale  Los Angeles - 1998 Lexus LX470 - 225K Miles - 2 Owner - Records since new

    Vehicle: 1998 Lexus LX470 Color: 6R1 Woodland Green Mileage: 225,000 miles - rising slightly as it's my daily driver Location: Redondo Beach, CA Price: $7600 Hi Guys, I'm selling my 1998 Lexus LX470 after about 2 years and 20K miles of use due to life changes. I bought it from the original...
  5. I

    PLEASE HELP w/ my 2002 LX470 Dashboard ABS Lights On

    Hey everybody. I stumbled across this forum when I was looking for people who have encountered the ABS problem for the Land Cruisers. I suck with cars and am just learning about this car so that's why I'm here, haha. It's cool that this place exists and I'm excited to frequent it. As of right...
  6. I

    LX470 ABS Module Replacement Cost (Worth It?)

    Hi all, I’m a new owner of a 2002 LX470 with 48k miles. I’ve spent $10k buying the car, $2.5k on new tires already. So, a total of $12.5k. I was driving one day and I had a multitude of different lights turn onABS, VSC, TRAC and BRAKE lights. I took it to the dealership and they told me my...
  7. H

    For Sale  Atlanta-area 2002 Lexus LX 470 4WD

    Selling our first LX 470 for $9,500 after upgrading to a newer 570 recently. Has 204,000 miles and in great mechanical condition. Color is River Rock Green Micah with gray interior. Some cosmetic upgrading needed: a few cracks in the leather and small spots of blistering on the clear coat. Third...
  8. S

    For Sale  Austin, Texas: 1998 Lexus Lx470

    Hello all, I'm sad to say that as our needs for increased volume in our overland rig have outgrown the capacity of our LX its time to say goodbye to the old girl and get into something a bit bigger. Aside from the interior volume (when carrying 4 passengers) I love this truck to no end! I still...
  9. Velogas

    For Sale  Tulsa, OK 2003 Lx470 trans for core/rebuild

    2003 trans $250 Shifts P-N-D but only runs through 3rd, unsure of final diagnosis. Codes : shift solenoid and pump pressure ? Truck still drives. Replacing with a used trans v/s repair/rebuild
  10. L

    SOLD  2006 LX470 LandCruiser. Perfect! SanAntonio TX

    Just posted today a beautiful LX470 I’ve had for a few weeks from the original owner. Details can be seen on Craigslist or Autotrader. Call or text if interested. 2006 Lexus LX 470 Land Cruiser - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle...
  11. gmr76

    Wanted  Rear wing for 2004 LX470 **Blizzard Pearl**

    New LX470 owner and my truck doesn't have the rear wing. My truck is Blizzard Pearl but if yours is not I can have it painted so color match isn't 100% required. I am in Northern VA.
  12. gmr76

    SOLD  Rear tail light assemblies (left and right) for 2004 LX470

    PO installed a darkened aftermarket set and I would prefer to go back to stock. Looking for both inner and outer lights for both left and right side. If anyone is interested in making a trade with your good quality OEM set for my aftermarket set let's work something out.
  13. Logical

    For Sale  Portland Oregon, Full Set of 5 18in Tires and Wheels from 2003 LX

    Full set of tires and wheels off a 2003 LX. Tires are 275/60r18 on 18in wheels. Life left on tires and wheels are in super good shape. Available for pickup only.
  14. beer

    is this too much rust?

    Have spent weeks learning about 100-series and am now searching for the right '06-'07. This one has great service records, but the amount of rust underneath was a bit more than I expected. I believe it spent its entire life in Kansas so far. I looked through all the other rust help threads I...
  15. mudbutt

    SOLD  Houston, TX - 1998 LX470 Tan 2nd second row rear seats

    I do not have room for this spare set of tan leather seats from my 98' LX. They were replaced with a newer version (for the child restraint LATCH system), so I need to get rid of these. The seats are in good condition, not perfect for sure. There is a brand new slight tear/cut in the single side...
  16. shiretowndown

    Wanted  N. Alabama: ‘04-‘07 LX470

    Wondering if there are any well-kept LX470’s for sale in the North Alabama vicinity?
  17. Adagio

    Screw/Bolt type for the Stereo Bracket

    I have a 99 LX470, and during the install of a new aftermarket stereo, I lost the screws or bolts that connect the factory mounting brackets to the dash or vehicle chasis. I called the local Lexus dealership and they gave me the part number 9015350010, but since they are out of stock I cannot...
  18. Gunner458

    My 05 LX470 budget build!

    So let’s start with the stock 05 LX470, 207,000 miles and runs like a champ! (Roadside bargain)
  19. suprarx7nut

    Builds  The YotaMD Build - Cypress

    This may as well be titled "The LX that 'Mud Built" because without the Mud community support of YotaMD this would not exist. So I offer an upfront and sincere "Thank You!" to you awesome folks that support your community vendors like YotaMD. Now, let's dive into the fun stuff. 2006 LX470 in...
  20. 0

    Center caps for LX470 (2002)

    Just installed TRD rims (18's) (no spacer) and the old Lexus caps don't fit. Anything out there that will fit? or can i modify the OG Lexus ones to fit? would like front and rear. Thanks!
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