1. L

    For Sale Longmont, CO ‘04 LC100

    Hi all, found this 2004 LC100 in green for sale out of Denver area. I’m not sure if this is the proper place to post, but I’m highly interested in this rig for daily commute/weekend warrior. Carfax has a long history of proper care as well as recent(in the last year/10k Miles) items knocked off...
  2. HellenicCruiser

    1998 Series 100 Lexus - over 350k Miles

    Hi all, first post here. Was turned on to this forum by a guy I met on a flight today. Super excited to start learning from you all. I’ve got a 1998 Series 100 LX470. She’s pearl white and all stock with the exception of a pioneer Navi/screen and oversized Yokohama geolandar’s. Biggest claim to...
  3. L

    For Sale 2001 LX470 factory 16" wheels with 285/75/16 BFG MT $600 obo

    Rims are in good shape, but the finish is fading in spots. All center caps included Two tires have ~50% tread Two tires have ~70% tread No cupping or uneven wear, one tire has a plug Little dry rot in the tread pattern, but doesn't effect performance Upgraded to TRD tundra wheels is the only...
  4. jillianrd

    2002 lexus lx 470 third row (quarter) window retainer install

    Hi all, I just bought this beauty with 80,000 miles on it! However, I bought it with the third row window retainer (exterior button) broken and it was secured with zip tie. I recently ordered the replacement part but am wary of installing without some instructions. Can anyone point me to some...
  5. S

    Tires Stock LX 470 !

    Crazy how hard this question has been to find clearly. Please point this newb to a good thread if you know of one I missed but look for best/biggest and most aggressive tire for a 2002 Stock LX 470 with AHC Common answer is 33" or 285/70R17. However I want the biggest tire I can....I don't...
  6. Utahlandcruiser

    For Sale 98 Lexus LX470 Parts Complete Part Out

    Hey guys I just got a parts car 98 Lexus LX470 and have some parts for sale. Pictures will be added shortly. Prices DO NOT include shipping. I accept PayPal. And I am located in Utah. 2UZ-FE engine control module 89661-60610 $150 Wiper and light switch $30 each Steering Wheel Angle Sebsor...
  7. JPClx470

    Lexus LX 03-07 suspension conversion leveling issue

    Hi all. I thought that before I bite the bullet I reach out to see if anyone can confirm that this isn’t a lapse in my [multiple] mechanics expertise. I had my suspension conversion. Got some decent springs put in my 2004 LX470. Side note: was pressured into the conversion because I needed new...
  8. Lalalx470

    99 LX470 heater core leaking, what else should I worry about?

    Hey all, Just joined the club and bought a 99 LX470 with ~265k on it. Well, the heater core immediately started to leak. Pretty good amount of coolant in the passenger footwell... So yeah, it's at the shop, waiting to have the dash torn apart to get at that mother... So, what else should I be...
  9. W

    FREE NorCal: LX 470 center caps, emblems, mats

    3 center caps that are chrome with gold "L" taken from my 2000 LX 470. The 4th one is missing. All tabs intact. I'm not willing to ship, but free for a local MUD member. note - The gold emblems and used factory floor mats are also free for a local MUD member.
  10. JPClx470

    offroad bumper suggestions

    Hi all! I drive an '04 LX. I hit a deer and just received my insurance quote. I'd like to take the opportunity to purchase an off-road bumper. I have $1,091.00 so long as the install is under 4 hours. I've looked around online, but have no idea what I am doing. I found the "Ironman 100...
  11. S

    2001 LX470 TJM T-13 Front Bumper

    Hello, I'm new to the forum and have enjoyed reading many of the threads already. I purchased my 2001 LX470 recently and really loving the ride. It has only 130k miles, never been off road and mechanically sound in every aspect. My desire is to over time build an overland rig to take around...
  12. N

    For Sale Austin, TX 2006 Lexus LX470 81,800 miles, (90k mile service complete)

    I am finally ready to part with my very clean 2006 Lexus LX 470. It has 81,800 miles and it has already had its 90,000 mile service which includes the timing belt. I have had it maintained at Lexus of Austin since I purchased it in 2013 and have service records. White with beige leather in very...
  13. C

    For Sale 1998 LX470, 175k, Gainesville, FL, $10.5k invested, asking $7k obo (price drop 7/19)

    (scroll down for pictures) 1998 Lexus LX470, VIN# JT6HT00W4W0017012 ~175k Clean title I’m the third owner since 146k, purchased 9/22/2016, truck located in Gainesville, FL Resided in North Carolina until 54k, and Florida-owned till present in Jacksonville and Gainesville Hasn’t seen any...
  14. BeigeLizard

    2000 LX 470 rear side leaks

    I have water coming in the speaker on the left side of the vehicle and also coming in the right side into the first aid kit cavity after a rain on a 2000 LX 470. I suspect it’s the black rubber trim pieces under the pop out windows. Has anyone else had this problem or know how to pop those trim...
  15. 2001LX470KEN

    Vapor Canister: replacement hose

    Could anyone help me with a Toyota part number for this hose (with faint yellow band) that’s in front of the vapor canister on a 01 LX470? I noticed there’s a large crack in mine. I live in the Bay Area and the stealerships in my area have no clue. I’ve also tried a bunch of online oem sites...
  16. A

    For Sale Sold Kalispell, MT. 2006 Lexus LX470

    Well maintained and cared for 2006 Lexus LX470 with 134000 miles on it. Has been my wife's daily driver. In great shape inside and out. Everything works and bone stock no modifications. Have extra steel wheels with winter tires. Power and heated front seats, sun roof, back up camera, third row...
  17. aphil

    Help Diagnosing AHC issue

    Hey! So I just picked up my (new to me) '99 LX470 with 167,000 miles a few days ago. When I did the test drive everything on the AHC seemed to work fine, but i'm starting to notice some irregularities with it and after much reading I'm thinking it has to do with the pump but not totally sure...
  18. L

    SOLD Thanks-vehicle not available anymore.

    Thanks-vehicle not available anymore.
  19. D

    For Sale Oklahoma: lx470 running boards grey $200

    Selling my factory grey running boards. Came off of my 1999 Lexus lx470.
  20. L

    For Sale 2000 Lexus LX470

    This car is used. I don't ever take it off road. I don't have any children in the vehicle. There are some cosmetic issues and trim pieces issues. (Please see photos) The car is extremely mechanically sound. There are no mechanical issues and the car is running perfectly. The tires are in good...
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