1. cgarre29

    For Sale  Knoxville: 2002 Lexus LX470 229k, $16,400

    Above is my 02 LX I’ve owned since Sep 22. I have cosmetically restored it, and upgraded its suspension. Icon and OME all around. New leather inside. Mechanically, all systems have been well maintained and all services are up to date. Timing belt and pump done at 180k. Body is in great shape...
  2. C

    For Sale  Longmont, CO 2000 LX470

    Great ready for summer! Full time 4-wheel drive. Legendary, Luxury Lexus LX470 “Landcruiser 100 series” for $16,450. Engine has approx 125,000 miles. Second owner. NEW SERVICES: *New Engine $2,000 *Timing belt and water pump service $1,700, *Starter $800, *A/C compressor, condensor, evaporators...
  3. L

    For Sale  KO2 Tires w/ Steel Wheels

    275/70/18 KO2 tires with about 70% tread. (9mm ~= 11/32", see photos). Mounted on 18" steel rims from a Toyota Tundra (5x150 bolt pattern). STL69512U Toyota Tundra Wheel/Rim Steel #426010C030 - https://www.hubcaphaven.com/p/4908/stl69512-toyota-tundra-wheel-steel-426010c060.html I had these...
  4. leahbkeek

    Painting over Chrome tube

    I've got the 5100060 ARB Sahara tube on my 2001 lx470. I'd like to make it black and am unsure of my most foolproof way of doing so, given that it's chrome. Would it be best to have someone do a vinyl wrap over it? I've also considered going in with 120 grit and using rustoleum spray paint or...
  5. C

    Headlight issue...

    Hi all, So I've searched around and have not found much on the forums. I have an 05 LX470. I see that there is a DRL resistor in the engine bay, so it either was a late 05 model that got it from factory, or it got the TSB done. The high beams haven't worked since I got the car, I...
  6. TunaNoKrust

    For Sale  NJ - 1998-2001 Lexus LX470 Rear AHC Shock Absorber (Rear Left) OEM 48530-60040

    Used Lexus LX470 Rear AHC Shock Absorber; Labeled for Rear Left. OEM Toyota, Part number 48530-60040. Thanks for looking. Asking $140. If you need shipping, message me for an estimate. I also have lots of other parts for sale.
  7. cruiserpatch

    For Sale  Atlanta: Misc. 100 Series center console, shifter trim, floor mats

    I've got a few random parts in my garage that I'd rather not throw away. Michelin floor mats Center console Cup holder/shifter facia trim (98-02 Land Cruiser style) Make me an offer - located in Atlanta
  8. stumpatron

    Drop gas tank to replace fuel main and return lines?

    Long time 98 LX470 lurker here. She developed a leak in what looks to be one of the two fuel lines at the pump (77209 / 77204 from the diagram). I can't create a post without a pic of what I'm talking about no matter how bad the image is, so here you go :P. Anyone know if I need to drop the...
  9. cruiserpatch

    SOLD  Atlanta: OEM & aftermarket LX470 center caps

    1x OEM 16" LX470 center cap (some black scrapes) 1x OEM 18" LX470 center cap (some ugly plastic) 4x aftermarket "Zorro" center caps (fits 16" wheels) Will ship. $20 shipped for the set of four Buyer just pay shipping for the damaged OEM caps
  10. cruiserpatch

    For Sale  Atlanta: LX470 OEM fiberglass headlight trim pieces (RH & LH)

    These came off a 2002 LX470 in Golden Pearl (white-ish) colour. One of the tabs is broken on the RH side. Other than that they are in good shape. I can see evidence that the RH side was resprayed at some point but only noticeable with it removed from vehicle. Name your price- would love to get...
  11. Bama4door

    Builds  OTM Shop Build: SAS LX470

    I bought this LX back in 2016 for my wife to drive. I did a few small upgrades (AHC lift, Japan4x4 shock spacers (for sale), Ironman bumper, 200 wheels on 33” TG’s, homemade sliders, and I also swapped in a ‘99 LC factory locked axle. We sold it back in early 2020 to a couple for their son to...
  12. G

    SOLD  LX470 Slee Slider Steps

    I have a brand new pair of Slee Slider/Steps I purchased these for a LX470 that I was buying. The seller backed out and I ended up not buying another one. They are brand new and have never been removed from the box. They are still tightly packed in the shipping foam. Part number SOK1292 on...
  13. cruiserpatch

    Cruiser Patch 100 Series Products Thread

    Cruiser Patch Products for 100 Series Land Cruiser and LX470 These are listed in no particular order. I will continue to update this thread as more products arrive to the site. Nomenclature: "kit" refers to any combination of two or more parts Cruiser Patch original products: Lower Control...
  14. D

    Wanted  SoCal lx470 wanted, cash in hand

    Hello, my 04 LX galactic grey mica was totaled by a drunk driver and now I’m on the search for a similar LX. Stock or modified, just looking for something clean. I would prefer AHC, but if removed that’s not a dealbreaker. Budget is 10-18k depending on condition, miles etc. I prefer a 03+ but...
  15. S

    craigslist  Need some opinions on this truck please

    https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/757243542641734/?ref=search&referral_code=null&referral_story_type=post&__tn__=!%3AD Need some opinions on the lx470 2002 with 257000 miles new tires belts and starter know problems leaking cv boot and one window does not work looks to not be rusty...
  16. D

    2000 Transmission in my 2002 LX

    Hi All, So more than an year ago the transmission on my 2002 LX 470 (202K miles at the time) gave out. From what I can tell 2002 is not known to be a troublesome year for transmissions. Given the circumstances at the time I went with a used ebay transmission. The catch, I bought a 2000 model...
  17. cruiserpatch

    Trade  Atlanta: 100 Series - Looking to trade <50 mile Nitro UCAs for used SPC uppers

    I just installed a set of Nitro upper control arms on my 1999 LX470 and immediately changed my mind. I'm looking for a set of used SPC upper control arms for a 100 Series. I can ship the nitros and wait for you to install them then send me the SPCs. My truck is not my daily driver. The nitros...
  18. modus

    Where do I start? new LX470 owner

    I just bought a 2006 LX470 with 259K miles, all dealer service records, and overall a clean car from of all places, a Carvana auction. My intention for this build is ta do-it-all trip car and occasionally for work errands if need be. It should function as intended and be reliable on long trips...
  19. J

    For Sale  2004 Lexus LX470 $26,300

    I'm selling my well maintained 2004 Lexus LX, color is Blue Vapor Metallic, with 150,010 miles. Fluids always changed on time. Suspension Improvements: AHC delete Old Man Emu 2" lift, w/ torsion and medium springs OME shocks Built Right upper control arms Diff Drop Additional: Thule roof...
  20. Ranger302

    SOLD  Greenville, SC - 1998 Lexus LX470 $18,000

    1998 Lexus LX470 $22,000 I'm unable to load pictures due to size. Please see FB Marketplace link for pictures. 1998 Lexus LX470 is powered by a 4.7-liter V8 linked with a four-speed automatic transmission, a dual-range transfer case, and a locking center differential, the truck is finished in...
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