1. D

    For Sale  Charlotte, NC: 2005 LX470

    I'll keep this to the point while also trying to answer any questions that may come up. - 193k miles - Eucalyptus Mica is the color - Clean title in hand - I bought the truck in the middle of last year but am needing a pickup, which is why I'm selling - Truck spent most some of it's life in...
  2. Shaunpg

    For Sale  San Diego: 2001 LX470

    Unfortunately, it's time to sell my LX470. I bought this vehicle in November of 2018 with the intent of keeping it for a long time, but work circumstances have changed and I need to get a smaller vehicle. 2001 LX470 with 110,800 miles. After purchasing, did a full baseline with receipts...
  3. J

    Any Idea What this Noise Is?

    Hey Fellas. This horrible sound just started yesterday. Any ideas what it could be? It kind of looks like the fan is rocking horizontal but I'm not sure. It's on my 2000 LX 470. Thx!
  4. Harp123

    SOLD  North Louisiana 2006 UZJ100 Sonora Gold

    After having only one maybe two serious inquiries from this forum, I guess I have it over priced or most people just hate Sonora Gold. Either way, my intention is to sell it by spring to purchase another 200 series for the extra tow rating. I recently purchased a new boat which is around 5,000...
  5. LonghornMudder

    For Sale  Austin, Texas - Five (5) LX470 OEM 18" wheels in great condition

    Detailed photos can be sent to interested parties, but these are the wheels before I pulled them from my 2006 in favor of a different option. Local pickup, unless you arrange for MUDShip or some other direct pickup option. $500 for the set.
  6. 1

    TJM bent after collision

    Hi Everyone, This may be an odd question, but I just installed the TJM front bumper onto my LX470 less than two months ago and we were rear ended and pushed into the vehicle in front of us witch caused "minor" damage to the front bumper. It's not pinched anywhere but there is a slight bend to...
  7. usedname

    Newbie impressions and newbie questions

    In my first week of LX470 ownership, never had a car this tall or bulky before. Just as a reminder I bought this at 220k miles for $6700 from the first owner, it has always been in the Bay Area. PPI was fine, no rust and mechanically sound. The interior was pretty dirty, but nothing a detail...
  8. ndfan1324

    SOLD  Oshkosh, WI - 2005 Lexus LX470 - NO RUST/Clean! $22k

    I'm selling my 2005 LX470. I bought this from an owner in Las Vegas. It was too hard to pass up when I saw it! The story is that I've been working on full resto/mod of a '94 LC and am almost done. My wife said I have too many cars in the garage, so it was suggested I either sell this Lexus...
  9. tommy LX470

    For Sale  Socal,los angeles 2007 Lexus LX 470 Limited Edition {SOLD}

    As the photos you see 260k miles, BFGOODRICH TIRE 285 75 R16 Asking $13,800 obo. tommychi1982@gmail.com Socal,los angeles
  10. mudbutt

    How to install DEPO clear corner lights onto LX470

    I know the title sounds stupid. How hard is it to install clear corner lights after all? And why am I making a dedicated thread about something so meaningless? A little background: I bought my 98 LX back in February of this year, and since then, i've been slowly working on small issues, lots of...
  11. S

    For Sale  LX470 Roof Rack - factory rack off a 2000 Lexus LX470

    Selling factory roof rack from 2000 lx470. Good shape, has some peeling paint but is easily paintable. All hardware and caps included. Text 67eight-8five9-one678
  12. C

    VGRS Light

    Yesterday I had 275/70/18 tires put on my 2006 LX470. They also did an alignment. When I got in the truck the VGRS light was on (not flashing). I went back in and told them, and they said it should go off after driving it. I drove it all the way home, about 20 miles, and it is still on. It...
  13. I

    For Sale  San Francisco Bay: 4.1 Rear Diff, LX470 Headlight parts, 3rd Row seats.

    I just finished a handful of projects on my 2003 LX470 and have too many parts in the garage. Make an offer if it could be useful to you, I need the space. Namely: Rear differential. 4.1 gearing, most likely 220k miles, excellent condition. Its available because I rebuilt the front and...
  14. thetransporter

    LC200 center cap for lx470

    Hi, I recently bought LC 200 2013 wheels for my 2001 lx470. I just thought they were the same as the ones used for the later 2006 lx470’s. Anyway, I have a problem with the front ones as the center cap wouldn’t fit. I noticed the ones from the lx are embossed to give space for the wheel hub or...
  15. ryanrtxtx

    For Sale  Dallas: LX470 Front Mats

    Like new OEM LX470 Ivory floor mats. No tears or stains. In great condition. Prefer pickup, but will ship. Buyer pays shipping. $50
  16. Ivanfears

    Wanted  Wanted: OEM or After roof rack for LX470 (or 100 that will fit), Northern Va

    Just bought a 06 LX470, seller kept the FrontRunner rack he had for his next build but had let go of the original, now I got holes... Not looking to sleep up top, just looking to hold gear/kayaks ect (I'm sleeping inside, can't fall off that s***). Reach out if your in the DMV area and have...
  17. L

    For Sale  Longmont, CO ‘04 LC100

    Hi all, found this 2004 LC100 in green for sale out of Denver area. I’m not sure if this is the proper place to post, but I’m highly interested in this rig for daily commute/weekend warrior. Carfax has a long history of proper care as well as recent(in the last year/10k Miles) items knocked off...
  18. HellenicCruiser

    1998 Series 100 Lexus - over 350k Miles

    Hi all, first post here. Was turned on to this forum by a guy I met on a flight today. Super excited to start learning from you all. I’ve got a 1998 Series 100 LX470. She’s pearl white and all stock with the exception of a pioneer Navi/screen and oversized Yokohama geolandar’s. Biggest claim to...
  19. L

    For Sale  2001 LX470 factory 16" wheels with 285/75/16 BFG MT $600 obo

    Rims are in good shape, but the finish is fading in spots. All center caps included Two tires have ~50% tread Two tires have ~70% tread No cupping or uneven wear, one tire has a plug Little dry rot in the tread pattern, but doesn't effect performance Upgraded to TRD tundra wheels is the only...
  20. jillianrd

    2002 lexus lx 470 third row (quarter) window retainer install

    Hi all, I just bought this beauty with 80,000 miles on it! However, I bought it with the third row window retainer (exterior button) broken and it was secured with zip tie. I recently ordered the replacement part but am wary of installing without some instructions. Can anyone point me to some...
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