1. aphil

    Help Diagnosing AHC issue

    Hey! So I just picked up my (new to me) '99 LX470 with 167,000 miles a few days ago. When I did the test drive everything on the AHC seemed to work fine, but i'm starting to notice some irregularities with it and after much reading I'm thinking it has to do with the pump but not totally sure...
  2. L

    SOLD Thanks-vehicle not available anymore.

    Thanks-vehicle not available anymore.
  3. D

    For Sale Oklahoma: lx470 running boards grey $200

    Selling my factory grey running boards. Came off of my 1999 Lexus lx470.
  4. L

    For Sale 2000 Lexus LX470

    This car is used. I don't ever take it off road. I don't have any children in the vehicle. There are some cosmetic issues and trim pieces issues. (Please see photos) The car is extremely mechanically sound. There are no mechanical issues and the car is running perfectly. The tires are in good...
  5. U

    Help UZJ100 / LX470, cabin filter won't fit in

    has anyone have the same problem with me fitting in the Cabin Filter? i just bought 2000 UZJ100/LX470, as i clean the Evaporator and to replace the Cabin Filter (88568-60010) as i try to fit in the New Cabin Filter, it only goes half-way. attach is the picture of the old filter (modified), and...
  6. 100seriesThrGrt

    For Sale Denver: Tundra Wheels Tires Center Caps & Lug Nuts

    Asking $950 Selling complete set of P275/70R18 Michelin LTX A/TII and 18" Toyota Tundra Wheels with Center Caps and complete set of Lug Nuts. Bolt Pattern: 5x150 Known to fit Toyota Land Cruiser, Sequoia, Tundra, Lexus LX470, LX570 As you can see, there is still a lot of tread left on these...
  7. LX470MK

    Successfully installed a Tesla Style headunit into a 2005 LX470.

    Hi fellow mudders, So it all started when I saw THIS THREAD... I was all excited and started researching the possibilities and options. I originally wanted to install the smaller headunit where you replace only the MFD and includes "transplanting" some logic board. I dropped the idea when I...
  8. texuslexas

    I make Lexus LX470 videos

    They aren't that great, but I do love filming when I do vehicle related stuff, so if you want to see my stock 100 series do Fins and Things trail in Moab, please be my guest and watch my videos. If you got some constructive criticism as well, I am all ears. Thanks...
  9. L

    Everything seems to be breaking, Help!

    I have a 2006 Lx470 with over 250k that seems to have everything breaking in it! The steering column and rack are worn out and need replacing, the A/C compressor just blew out, and the center locking diff locked up on it's own when my wife was driving it. She drove all day long on the...
  10. G

    Buyer Beware! Possible Frame Rust

    My wife and I took the 2007, Pearl LX470 being sold at Indy Luxury Motorsports to Tom Wood Lexus on 4/9/2019. The mechanic and manager told us the car was brought in last week by another couple and it has extensive frame rust causing severe damage and needed new frame as well as lot of other...
  11. I

    Wanted SF Bay Area: WANTED - Slee Bumper / Grey LX470 Front-end

    Hello! Last week I ended up as car #3 in a 4-car accident. Thankfully everyone is OK. My LX470 is not :/ I've pulled the damaged parts off the front, and looking to replace with a Blueberry bumper and need all the other bits as well. Clean slate. Could even do a LC conversion if I wanted...
  12. just differentials

    FLEX TEST - Lexus LX470 / 100 Series - Super Deluxe Suspension by JustDifferentials

    This Rig Was Already Running #NitroGear 4.88s - but you can find the same lift kit that's shown here on JustDifferentials website **LINK BELOW** Shop Suspension Packages: https://www.justdifferentials.com/JTO... Features & Benefits: Bolt on Super Deluxe Suspension Kit includes: -Front Torsion...
  13. C

    Wanted Very Clean 2006 or 2007 Lexus LX470

    Greetings Everyone, I have been searching high and low for a very clean 2006 or 2007 LX470 with around 100K miles or less. I’m specifically looking for the LX. I’ve been on what seems like every online used auto site and have continuously checked Autotempest to aggregate...
  14. ClassyJalopy

    Broken Bolt. Help!

    I am in the middle of timing belt job and have managed to break off the lower alternator bolt. Now I am not sure what's the best way to deal with this. Any suggestions are most welcome. Also, anyone have the part number for the bolt itself?
  15. AlabamaLX

    SOLD MARKS Part Time 4WD Conversion Kit - 100 Series

    I have a brand new part time 4WD conversion kit from MARKS 4WD in Australia. I purchased the unit to install on my 2001 LX470, but decided to keep it full time 4WD. This is the kit with the Koyo bearing already pressed onto the center differential spool. LandCruiser 100 series part-time 4WD...
  16. caslim

    For Sale Riverside CA: Gobi ladder lower attachment

    For sale is a Gobi ladder lower attachment. Brand new. Going a different route. $50. Fits LX470. In socal.
  17. JPTX

    SOLD 100 Series Suspension Components in Houston, TX

    Selling everything below - either separately or together. Just let me know what you're interested in. 2 OEM Toyota Upper Control Arms (UCAs) off 02 LX470 w/150k miles (I recommend new ball joints) 2 Strutmasters/Eibach Rear Springs (ride height ~"H" on the AHC-scale, 1-2" higher than my...
  18. 2000lx470norcal

    Wanted Looking to buy JAOS BB3R Stainless Steel bull/brush guard for lx470

    Please contact me through thread or email about selling me one. Contact email; ryandharrington1@gmail.com
  19. R

    For Sale Northern Virginia: 2006/Lexus/LX470

    Hey guys, Long time lurker, first time poster. I figured to share this here with the community to get some feedback from you all. 2006 Lexus LX 470 160,xxx miles All maintenance records (+80 pages of dealer/ service invoices in folder) Clean Carfax report zero issues Most recent service was...
  20. C

    Brake Tubes and fuel lines 2000 Lexus LX 470

    Has anyone replaced the brake tubes on a 100 series. I got a quote for $1400. I was wondering how tough it is. I am struggling to find much information on here, but then again I am new to the forum. I see a lot of folks doing the break hoses but my lines/tubes are rusty. Another mechanic asked...
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