1. wonka3

    For Sale  Memphis Tn: 1999 Lexus LX470

    For sale: An amazing 1999 Lexus LX470. I have owned this car for 5 years and absolutely loved it, but all good things must come to an end, and I don’t need an SUV any longer. The leather is all intact, no rips or tears. It has never had an engine issue. The current floorboards are Weathertech...
  2. D

    Wanted  lx470 landcruiser 12k 2003+ San Diego CA

    I’ve been looking at trucks for a few months and havent found what I’m looking for. Prefer lc or lx 2003 or newer. Older is fine if mileage is Low or has lots of sweet goodies like sliders, bumpers, lockers etc. need a large 4x4 to replace my 86 4Runner. 4 kids won’t fit anymore. Army vet and...
  3. Portmanteau

    For Sale  SoCal - Set of LX470 OEM 18" wheels - have center caps

    Hi All, I am going to have my '07 LX470 OEM 18s available in about a week or so as I am moving to 16s when I install my new suspension kit (just waiting on parts right now). Curious to see if anyone would be interested in these, otherwise I'd probably just get rid of them as I don't really...
  4. fumetsu

    For Sale  (MI) - 100 Series - CV Boot Kit (2x); PCV Valve (1x); Transmission Oil Pan Gasket (1x); Heater T Hose Pipe (1x)

    Hi everyone, I no longer have my 100, so looking get sell genuine, new, OEM parts that I bought but never ended up using. (2x) CV Boot Kit 04427-60120 --$50 each (1x) Transmission Oil Pan Gasket 35168-60010 -- $16 (1x) PCV Valve 12204-50020 -- $5 (1x) Heater T Hose Pipe 87248-60460 -- $8 I...
  5. LonghornMudder

    SOLD  Austin TX: Trailer hitch $100

    OEM trailer hitch I just added an aftermarket rear bumper to my '06 LX470 and removed the OEM towing hitch. I suspect the mounting points will be similar for a LandCruiser, but it also includes a beefy, protective bracket that surrounded the factory exhaust pipe - which may not line up with...
  6. T

    Wanted  100 Series LX470 Wood Grain Steering Wheel

    Wanted: LX470 wood grain steering wheel (and wood grain gear shift if available). I currently have a 1998 LX470 with a battered leather steering wheel but through a little bit of research I believe I can install a wood grain steering wheel from later years. PM if you have something.
  7. LXNash

    SOLD  Tennessee: OEM Mark Levinson Radio & Amp from '01 LX

    Just re-did my stereo and in no need of these. Both work, but amp has cosmetic damage from me taking it apart to figure out some wiring bits. $50 OBO + shipping.
  8. E

    Disconnected part found while swapping shocks. Help me identify it?

    Hey there, As my title says, I was swapping/upgrading my front shocks when I found what looks like some sort of disconnected tubing. Just looking to identify what exactly it is and if I need to fix it. I'll attach photos of how I found it and a slightly clearer view. Cheers, Logan
  9. aphil

    For Sale  Arkansas: 1999 LX470

    Selling my 1999 LX470 / Land Cruiser 100 series. This LX has undergone what my mechanic calls somewhat of a mechanical restoration. It has had nearly every single possible major wear item replaced. This rig currently sits at 168,000 miles and is now ready to go another 200,000 miles. This has...
  10. Z

    For Sale  ATLANTA: Tundra 18” wheels

    I have a set of Tundra wheels that I was planning on painting. So I had already started sanding them, ended up going in a different direction. 175
  11. jrmudder92

    SOLD  No Reserve BAT. 2000 Lexus LX470 *Bulit* *3xLocked* *Overland*

    https://bringatrailer.com/listing/2000-lexus-lx-6/ 2000 Lexus LX470, Pearl white, 309k miles Well, I will probably regret this but times have changed heading a different way. I know I'm forgetting thing will try to add on as I remember things haha. (*) means things I've forgotten about but...
  12. LXJake93

    '99 LX470 Should I Buy?

    Greetings all, Just joined the group! Here goes my first post! Picked out an LX and want some opinions.. Independent seller.. Pros: Under $6k 228k miles NO RUST (no surface, body, or frame rust from initial inspection) Runs like a sewing machine and shifts smooth as butter All electrics work...
  13. E

    For Sale  2000 Black LX 470 - 188k Miles - $10.5k Austin TX

    Great condition 00' LX 470. No Rust. Completely stock. I have owned this for 2 years and only put 4k Miles on it. The only two things I've done: 1. Oil change (filters, etc.) 2. Brand new Duratracs approx $1k Exterior Condition = Fair -Light scratching on all sides (none that are deep) -Rear...
  14. Thatonedude

    2006 LX470 Purchase Advice

    Hi, all! This is my first post, so if I am posting in the wrong spot, I apologize. Well, I'm gonna try and keep it short and to the point. I'm in the market for a 06-07 Lexus LX470 with less than 150k miles. I am completely green (new) when it comes to these vehicles. I've browsed many threads...
  15. X

    LX470 Fusible Link Box and Wiring

    Hi everyone. Long talk lurker, first time poster. I searched the forums but couldn't find an answer to my current challenges. I have a 2003 LX470 and the battery died out of the blue yesterday. The truck wouldn't start and took two jump packs connected to crank. I had the battery checked and it...
  16. A

    First post: Changed CV axle plus hub flange of hell

    Hello, guys Bought a 2006 LX in January in Silver with 174,000 (barely broken in ?) . Shortly after I notice that the RH CV outer boot is missing 1 clamp :doh:. Since I was leaving for a ski trip next day I had some local guys put a new clamp on it only to find out it was torn. They were able...
  17. Cola

    craigslist  Saint Simons Island: 2005 LX470 not mine but NICE 145,000 miles $15,300

  18. L

    Wanted  100 series LX470 door panel needed (gray)

    Looking for a gray passenger rear interior door panel for my 2001 Lx470. If you have one for sale please contact me. If I don't respond quickly on here, feel free to text/call me at 706-676-7385. Thanks!
  19. suprarx7nut

    For Sale  Colorado: LX470 Power Folding Mirrors with Switch and Computer

    I bought these to convert my 99 Land Cruiser to have the retract feature for my narrow garage. Instead, I bought an entire LX470, so now I don't need these. Oops. My loss is your gain. I have two mirrors from an LX470 (both in a white pearl, I believe). One mirror control switch with the...
  20. S

    SOLD  Los Angeles - 1998 Lexus LX470 - 225K Miles - 2 Owner - Records since new

    Vehicle: 1998 Lexus LX470 Color: 6R1 Woodland Green Mileage: 225,000 miles - rising slightly as it's my daily driver Location: Redondo Beach, CA Price: $7600 Hi Guys, I'm selling my 1998 Lexus LX470 after about 2 years and 20K miles of use due to life changes. I bought it from the original...
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