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Feb 7, 2003
Has anyone ever changed out the lug bolts on an 80 rear wheel before (US ’93 equipped with disk brakes)? Let’s say some idiot busted off a few of them just trying change the wheel. Would that same idiot have to pull the axle shaft out to press in the new bolts or am I way off on this repair? This Haynes book seems rather vague in its entirety and doesn’t address this specific need of mine (not surprisingly). Any help at all would be appreciated; by the way what is the torque spec on the lug nuts? Believe or not the dealer was the last one to torque them down a year ago doing the 60K mile service. Go figure…
Mar 27, 2003
Somewhere in the foothills...
>> by the way what is the torque spec on the lug nuts? <<

93-94 w/Alloy wheels - 109 ft/lbs.
95-97 w/Alloy wheels - 76 ft/lbs
93-97 w/Steel wheels - 109 ft/lbs.

Always use anti-sieze on the lug threads *only*. Don't leave any on the wheel surfaces.

Nov 5, 2003
Shippensburg PA
unless you can figure out a way to get the old lug out, you'll have to pull the axle and hub off and take it to a press. Axle is actually pretty simple, but the hub is what you need. I've heard of using an open lugnut put on backwards with an impact to draw a new lug into place.

My website should give you a better idea of what's involved. If you do it, you might as well put new seals in and repack the bearings.

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