, Houston?

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Nov 28, 2012
Saw this on the 80 series forum and a couple of members have ordered leather seat covers from there.

One had mixed results with pattern match and cutouts for seat controls. Still waiting for updates from the other members.
The website shows limited applications so they may not have a pattern for the 100 series yet. Does anyone in the Houston area know anything about the company or the location?

At $299. per row it sounds a little iffy. The pictures look great on the website but you know what that's worth.
I've never heard of them but I am located in Houston. Good to see that there is an option local to me. I'll subscribe to this thread so I can keep updated with any findings.
for $300 you get a finest alligator skin leather seat with lizard skin back and finest silver and gold stitching LOL - dude they have very good product for your old rig , you dudes so picky like picking a wife. go get OEM leather covers will run ya $2,500 for entire car and then you wife children or you accidentally rip, scratch them etc. awies! what a pain in the ass . Even if there are some minor defects which I do not see in my LX450 ,product is very good. I call then to get me for my LC100 - they want me to send them my original so the can have a template to make from, they do not have template - but my original are not in a bad condition yet, so whoever will be the first guinea pig for LC100 can probably get first set for free ask them.
Alligator ok but would take way too long to catch and skin dat many lizards. Yep need that first man up to send in his old tired skins.

For 300 I could overlook a few defects.
Alligator ok but would take way too long to catch and skin dat many lizards. Yep need that first man up to send in his old tired skins.

For 300 I could overlook a few defects.
Call them you are the fist one for LC100 if you give then a template ask to give you a discount or free
Are you sure they're in Houston?

THe phone number they list has a 978 area code, which appear to be Massachusetts...
Maybe a typo then, that's (979) territory.

You weren't kidding, that's a stretch even for Houston standards.
You guys aren't lying. Pledger, Texas? Never even heard of it.

Igee Seat Covers. Probably the best match for the tan interior. I had them on mine and loved them. Fit great and couldn't tell it was a cover.
I ordered from them and they had an address on Bissonet. I haven't received my seat kits yet and can't reach them by phone.

When I looked into them:
They weren't real forthcoming about their address.
I found multiple addresses that appeared to be associated with them.
Their address on Bissonnet appeared to be a self storage facility.
The phone number listed either has a typo (uncorrected since 12/14) or odd out of state area code.
I did get a sample pack from them after a fairly long delay.
I didn't get a warm fuzzy feeling, and kept hearing a voice yelling "Danger Will Robinson!".

I hope your order is just slow to ship, like my samples were.
I spoke to them after seeing an earlier post. They said they had the covers for the LX/LC. I was curious about the color match and they sent me a swatch of the leather for my tan seats and it was a decent match. I too was nervous about what I'd get for only $300 so I moved on. I too am in Houston and was unsure about the Bissonet address because some parts of that street can be a little sketchy depending how far West you go. And their lees than prompt response time didn't help. I would love to hear zrxz1dave's feedback when he gets his.
I bought from them some months back. Have/had no idea where they were located, bought after I found a couple of medium good references. They took every bit of the time they said it would take to deliver the product. I posted on it back a few - see this thread. If you have questions, ask away.
Ordered samples a month ago- nothing yet.
Took two weeks or so to get samples...i just haven't ordered yet but I will.
Ordered samples a month ago- nothing yet.

I had the same problem. I sent an e-mail asking about how to order in two colors, mentioned never got samples I had ordered. They told me how to place the order and said they had already sent the samples, but would resend. Sure enough I ended up getting two samples in the mail, one coming the very next day the other a week or so later. They seem to have a very slow and casual business model, but I have no reason not to trust them.
I ordered a set for my 2000LX in dark beige and they look about right. I placed my order on 8/31/16 and they arrived today so not a bad turnaround. I do live in Houston so maybe that shaved some time but I am guessing these are not made stateside. I haven't installed them yet and am wondering if this is something i should try myself or find a local shop to do it for me. Has anyone done it themselves? I did see an earlier post about a recover but it seemed kinda long and tedious. It made me think I should seek out a shop. If anyone has any thoughts on this I'd like to hear about it.
I've done the interior on 3 cars. If this is your first time (and I assume it is) then you should set aside at least 10 hours start to finish - and that estimate is for just the front seats on a 2000 LX. You will need the usual hand tools to remove the seats, then assorted screwdrivers, wrenches and something to remove the hog rings (I use diagonal cutters). And of course for reassembly hog rings and hog ring pliers (to reattach the covers). If you are reusing the foam, you will get better short term visual results by steaming the foam and covers. But this isn't essential as normal heat from sitting in the sun will eventually get out any wrinkles (took a couple of weeks for me - Florida sun). This really isn't critical, just noting it's what a pro shop would normally do so it looked right when you pick it up. Haven't looked for a link but there is undoubtedly something out there on steaming (and just basic upholstery as well).

You should either have a great memory or a digital camera to capture how the wiring is laid out and connected, how and in what order the seat parts are disassembled, covers come off, etc. --- like the typical shop manual "Installation is in the reverse order of removal."

That said, it's not rocket science, but it is (for me) tedious, and since it's something you will see every time you get in the truck...

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