Loud Screeching?

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Nov 15, 2003
My 62 has been running great, no signs of problems.

Today, when I started the truck, it immediately made a loud screeching sound (from the engine compartment. I shut it down and took a look under the hood. I can't see what the problem is, but there is a strong burned rubber smell. :-[

Based on the sound and the smell, it seems like it might be a belt being pulled across a pulley that is not turning as it should.

Can anyone give me a hint as to what the problem might be?

Many thanks.
I've heard of smog pump siezing up as well. I'd say get some one to start her up with the hood up while yer *cautiously* watching the engine and check to see if any of the pulleys your belts touch are not moving.

I would loosen up the belt enough that you can spin the water pump, the smog pump, PS pump, AC pump and the alternator. Smogs, PS and can sieze, for that matter the water pump and AC can too...
Sometimes just a loose or glazed belt can screech (especially in the rain) Diagnose all the expensive stuff but if you still come up blank consider belts
I agree with Matt. Had the same problem on another vehicle and it turned out to be the belt. The strong rubber smell supports that. It sounds like the belt is spinning.
I agree--loud screeching and nasty burning rubber smell equals belt problem, and I'll bet it's the AC idler pulley that's seized, which is not such a big deal and a relatively inexpensive fix.

Of course, make sure it's not any of the others before tearing into things! :D
Loud Screeching? (Thanks for helping)

Many thanks for all of prompt replies and advise. It turned out to be a seized water pump.
good you got it fixed, water pump or alternator would have to be it for a ''62, eh? I was wondering about that "ac idler pulley" and "smog pump" on your '62:rolleyes:

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