Loose Driver Seat Bolts

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Nov 11, 2014
Renton, PNW
Now that it's getting nice and I have some free time I will be able to address some niggly issues that have presented themselves on the Cruiser. One, maybe two of my front seat bolts can't be tightened and just spin. I searched and couldn't find a thread in the 80 forum addressing this. I feel like I looked under and couldn't see where they go, though maybe I'm misremembering and thinking of the second-row bolts.

Is tapping to the next largest size the recommended course of action here?
Look at the bolts and check the threads. Might be able to clean up hole threads tap and use new seat bolts.
Like mentioned I would pull the seats and see how the threads look if they are repairable or not. Helicoil is an option as well though cheaper to probably just jump up a bolt size.
Thanks for the tip on Helicoils. I had never heard of them.
I’d check the inserts that the seat bolts go into. If the bolt just keeps spinning could be the insert is spinning as well. But if it’s not then you can drill/tap stuff. Helicoils are nice since you can still use the same bolt size with new threads just buy some nicer ones

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