Looking to build a 100 series sleeping platform

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Jan 15, 2022
Mckinney, Tx
I’m looking to build a sleeping platform in my 100 series. Anyone have any tips or measurements they followed? Pics would be appreciated. I’m thinking just building it out of plywood and some support beams, wrapped in carpet.
In this exact process this weekend. Just built it out of plywood, furniture legs and piano hinges. I did rough measurements as I was building it. Had to keep trimming in order to get it to fit with the ceiling in order to fold.

I’m going to add carpet to finish and I have hooks underneath to stabilize it to the third row attachments.

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One of the neat things about this project is there is no right way to do it. I was very focused on weight, space, and economy, and was struck by how the Australian company Drifta builds theirs. They use 1/2” plywood, and UHMD (high density plastic) slides instead of ball bearing drawer slides. I needed drawers, as I run a side business out of my LX, and keep my work gear on one side, and my recovery and camping gear on the other. If I were to do it again I would pay for better plywood, as I used the meh stuff at HD, and wish I‘d used better stuff. But all things considered, it works just how I wanted, and I’m not shlepping twice the weight in cabinet around with all my other heavy gear.
One pic of my unfinished setup, and one of the partially finished cabinet we installed in my son‘s 4runner. His is very bare bones. Both have been used as sleeping quarters for camping, and neither of us is short (I’m 6’, and my boy is 6’-4”, almost).


Couple sheets of plywood and a little bit of measuring. Platform with folding wings fits a full size mattress for me, the lady, and the dog. I cut window coverings out of reflective insulation that worked pretty well for cheap but need to work on the sizes better for them to stay in place.



Heres my build that has worked out phenomenally so far:

I tossed a platform together for my truck. I built it as low as possible and it just clears the wheel arches in the interior. Underneath the carpet is foam carpet padding.

-I remove the front section easily with turnbuckles if I want to reinstall the middle seats.
-At 8 3/4" tall I can sit up mostly strait in the back of the truck especially in the very back section (I'm 6'1")
-Easily built with a few 2X8s and 3/4" plywood.
-Plenty of extra storage underneath the front half due to the middle seats removed.

-Very short height drawers. cannot even stand up 1lb propane bottles.
-Obviously less storage due to the low height.
-This design requires removal of middle seats to use as a level sleeping platform.

Main section (rear) has been in place since I built it in November. The drawers were built as long as possible while allowing the middle seats to remain in place. I did not install slides and the drawers slide ok on the carpet. They do not catch on the plastic seat mount bezels. It has been quiet and useful.

Front section is easily removable with the use of eyelets and turnbuckles. It hinges in the middle of this section to access items underneath. I haven't built supports for this section yet. I have an abundance of Toyota bottle jacks that are serving as adjustable mounts. There are rubber cones screwed to the underside of the platform that protrude into the bottle jacks recessed hole in the top. The jacks have not moved around yet.





Sweet! Searching this topic. Just bought the Trail Tailor second row seat bracket mounts but I like your simple idea of using the jacks to hold it up. Probably would have went this direction if I saw it prior to the purchase.

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