Lift height??

Feb 17, 2003
Hi, my name is Ryan and I am from British Columbia, Canada and I have a 1974 FJ40.
I am looking to put a lift into my cruiser and I was curious if anyone can help me with a quick question.
My cruiser suspension, right now, is the stock susp. i am running 31" tires right now and I would like to move up to 35's. Can anyone tell me how much I need to increase my susp. height ? :-/ I was looking to buy a 4" lift and i want to make sure I will have the room.

Thanx. rye
Apr 23, 2002
Bountiful, Utah
depends on how you use it and what you are willing cut.

I run 35's with a 1 inch body lift, 1.5 inch longer shackles and 4 inch springs.

I also cut the rear fender openings quite a bit and I am in the midst of trimming the fronts.

You could buy the Skyjacker 4 inch kit and some 2.5 inch longer shackles, trim the rear openings and drop the bumpstops, on wheels with 3.5 inch backspacing you should not rub too bad. ;)


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Jan 15, 2002
Toquerville UT
35's will work on a 4" lift, not everyone needs a body lift, but a 1" doesn't hurt. It also depends on the springs, since some are flexier than others. If you search on this site, you'll find softrides brought up a lot over some of the others.

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