Leaking 60 questions

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Feb 6, 2022
Durango, Co
After some minimal work I got my new to me 60 on the road

With all of the parts moving some leaks appeared. I’m still in the clean and asses stage. I’m not a mechanic but can follow directions. Opening a T-case or motor for more than a valve check is not in my current comfort zone.

1) Looking at this video I would say the front leak by the radiator fan is a non issue but looks like an easy fix. Remove fan, remove cover, replace gasket. Done.

2) The next leak behind the oil drain plug I’m guessing is the rear main seal. It doesn’t look bad to me and hard to get to to fix. I’d ignore it unless it’s accessible while working on another issue.

3) Not really shown is a leaky oil pan gasket. Not a bad leak and not sure how to access the gasket.

4) Skipping the damp rubber plug for now.

5) The front and rear output from the transfer case do not appear to be leaking. At least not much. I’m confident I could pull the axels and replace the seals if necessary.

6) At first glance the gasket where the two halves of the transfer case meet looks like it’s leaking and needs to be addressed. I still need to clean it up and verify the source. I think I’ll need help with this one. I’ve read up a little on removing the T-case but not really how to fix anything.

7) The seal at the rear differential has a small leak. See #5

Would you agree with my assessment? I’m open to tips, suggestions or links.

I’m not sure how to imbed a video. Hopefully this link works.

Vids - Gerst - https://gerst.smugmug.com/Vids/i-FSqQLLj
Oil weeps are not harmful to anything but your driveway or garage floor. And maybe your pride.
Weepy seals keep the outside metal coated in oil which attracts dirt which creates the world’s best anti- rust coating.
Fixing oil weeps is mostly an aesthetic thing except for that internal oil seal inside the transfer case.
If your engine wasn’t weeping oil, the metal would look like your frame - rusting.
What’s the question here? Seems like you know what needs to be done. Either do it yourself or pay someone to do it.

It’s a 30+ year old vehicle. s*** is gonna fail and need to be replaced. Sorry if this ends the honeymoon but that’s the frustrating reality with these beasts.
'except for that internal oil seal inside the transfer case'
After cleaning and monitoring the t-case is leaking where the two halves meet (the worst leak is the spacer between the t-case and transmission). What else should I be looking at here?
What’s the question here?
I guess I buried it at the end. "do you agree with my assessment?" Sounds like y'all do, ignore except possibly the t-case.
Sorry if this ends the honeymoon but that’s the frustrating reality with these beasts.
I'm still just getting to know her the honeymoon is yet to come ;) I think I bought a well made machine and with proper care and maintenance she'll last me a long time just like my 1974 Honda cb 125 and my 1950's house, I hope I'm right.
What else should I be looking at here?
There’s gaskets that leak which are visible on the outside and there’s an oil seal inside on the transfer case input shaft that is supposed to keep the transmission and transfer case oils apart.
When that oil seal wears, (and they all do) oil migrates from one case to the other. Overfilling one and draining the other.

Old cruisers need to have the oil levels in both the transmission and transfer case checked regularly to make sure they’re both correct.


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