knocking while clutch is not engaged

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Sep 17, 2007
Arlington, Washington
While out on the trail the other week i noticed a knocking noise coming from the bell housing area. When i push the clutch in the stops and i can not hear hear it while driving so i am not sure if it is not making the noise or i just cant hear it. My only thought is that it may be a bad through out bearing.

This is what i got, chev 350, new center force clutch, pressure plate, and through out bearing, and a rebuilt stock 4 speed. I am guessing i will need to yank this back out and replace something because i would really hate to wreck an input shaft or something else.

ANy ideas? :cheers:
sounds like it could be the throw-out bearing too... but you say its newish?
I have the same issue, with new clutch, p-plate and bearing on a stock 2F and 4-speed. Mine knocks anytime the pedal is not pressed...knocks in or out of gear
Post up if you get it figured out. I bought brand new parts, but someone else put them in....hope my new parts didnt get "confused."
I am having the same prob it a hellish noise that only goes away when the clutch in engaged if you find a fix post it up
There are 3 fingers coming off the pressure plate to the throw out bearing. If all 3 are not squared up with the bearing it will wobble and make noise. To check just remove the bottom clutch cover, start the truck and look up at the bearing. I'm pretty sure all wobble a bit but to make noise would be excessive. Not sure if it's your problem but it was mine. Now the other tick on mine....another thread another time


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