Just received my 1989 fj62

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Mar 22, 2007
:) It just got here today looks like a good rig.
Turn key starts rite up:bounce:

Gonna need a new shifter handle, a bunch of parts
Where is the best place online to buy parts new?

Ready to hit the mud!!!!!!!!!:bounce: 4549_12.jpg
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on the top right of the screen there is a link that says vendor section, SOR and MAN A FRE carry just about every part youll need, but its good to look in the parts section here from time to time in case its in there.

lets see some pics!!!
OEM....use Cdan.....American Toyota
OEM....use Cdan.....American Toyota

He is on the board as Cruiser Dan. He is a parts guru at American Toyota in Alb, NM. Phone is 505 823 4440 extension #8.

Have your Year, Model and Vin# ready

He has the OEM toyota stuff and is cheaper than. SOR, CCOT, Man-A-Fre.

You can also try www.marksoffroad.net. Mark can get you the oem toyota parts as well. On here he goes by 67SWB45

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