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Welcome! We love pictures, so post em up!
Welcome! We love pictures, so post em up!



Recently i made some small modification on front bumper.
during the process, bumper out;
and with front bumper edges curved, smoothened, plastic coated photos
Welcome …the people represented in this forum are truly awesome, knowledgable, passionate, “a little crazy”,
OCD, etc. …..enjoy the ride
Beautiful rig that you have there. Welcome to the greatest source of expert information and advice (from others not me) that you will ever find.
Thank you Green Bean
Before, i was visiting ih8mud.com time by time as a guest; very good forum with cool and warm people; also with great informations.
Best regards to all.
Engine bay doesn't seem clean/tidy.
I made engine overhaul in 2015; that time cylinder head also was maintained, but i neglected the cyl head a little. I did not renew valves. In these days, i will try to take out cyl head and will renew valves. I am already waiting for quotation for some parts from Toyota dealer/plaza in Istanbul.
That time, i will clean all engine bay, bring it to more tidy condition. Then i can insert more pics from engine bay.

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