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Apr 13, 2006
vansterdam, BC
i am now a genuine 80 series cruiser owner. after months and months of cruiser hunting, going back and forth between the HDJ81 and FZJ80, i made the decision to go with the gasser. as much as i wanted the 1HDT, i felt a bit more confident in dealing with the gasser and all that comes with it...well maybe with exception of the mileage haha. mostly though, the diesels are about another 5K more for a decent one, and thats just for a stock one.

i didnt want to try to import one from japan myself since i couldnt see/feel/drive a truck i was about to wire 9+ G's for. stock HDJ81's already imported and inspected are still fetching about 15-17K up here...and thats still without any work required to get it up to snuff. i followed the advice from both 80/81 series owners in the local Coastal Cruiser forum..and got a US spec.

literally the same day i had a confirmed buyer for my 98 4Runner, Nate aka Montana Cruiser posted up his rig for sale. needless to say, it was what i wanted. black, lifted, locked and arb bumpered....exactly how my 4 runner was. Thanks Nate!

just passed my provinical inspection yesterday, and she's now a canadian citizen. i already had an extra set of BFG 315's on stock wheels waiting, so i put those on immediately. its meat. the 285 duelers will go back on for day to day street duty. getting some sliders ordered this week, and will begin my baselining as well this weekend. hoping to get it out on its maiden crawl by months end.

needless to say, im super stoked. :clap: attached are pics of my old 4runner, and my new cruiser.

...not really a newbie to 'mud, but i guess this would be my obligatory intro post. welcome me dammit. :flipoff2:
I like it .... looks super clean :flipoff2: welcome to the cruiser side... although that was a NICE runner you had as well
2 Amazing looking rigs!
Nice looking rig! Looks a lot like your old 4runner?
Lookin' good Sonny! I was very sad to see her go, but I could not happier that a Mudder and overall cool guy got it ....... even if he's from Canada :D
Wow nice!! I used to have the same truck you had. The same color and model 4runner with mod and 5 speed manual tranny!! Just like you, then upgrade to the 80, I know you will love it better:D

That is one mean, and clean, looking rig!! Now you're in good hands. :D
I gave up a 98 Runner for my 97 80. I will be buying the 98 Runner back this summer and will have both.

Nice rides. :flipoff2:
Oooo La La! Very NICE!!!

Welcome to mud damnit :flipoff2:
Couldnt agree more w/ above comments. Looks like a great starting point for your cruiser madness. Really diggin the black on both trucks.
80 rims rule

It's amazing how much that runner looks to me just having the 80 rims on it.

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