Is It Just Me ...

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Oct 7, 2003
Too far north. Too far east.
... or does this chit happen to others. I spent the afternoon working on the 4Runner. Started out with engine mounts, which morphed into radiator hoses cuz I couldn't get the drivers side mount out without removing the two lower.

Anyway, I'm removing the passenger side mount and I hear this thing bounce off the axle and tinkle across the garage floor. I search the garage, the driveway, the street, and dang if I can't find the mystery part. What was it? See the drawing. It's that round spacer 90560-10019, which Dan will charge me two and a half bucks.

I hate it when you can't finish the job because of something this stupid.
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don't worry, you'll find it next week. yes it happens to me too.:D
Could be worse

At least it's not like getting your pickup running,

so you can take the bike to the shop,

and then give the pickup back to the PO for

a $1 coin & a promissary note

after driving it 1400 miles cross country. :steer:

And meeting someone who wants a 60

which is nifty cuz you have a line on an 85 with less miles

for the same amount paid 8yrs ago for current rig.

But now the someone isn't so enthused bout a cruiser.

And I've committed to the '85.

Guess I'm meant to have a used car lot at home. :bang:

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