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Importing threads FAQ

Importing links below. Newbs please read relevent threads about importing before opening a new thread. If you cannot gain the info you need. Please start a new thread.

[size=+1] New threads I find go the end of the lists.[/size]

This what I saw for importing in our archives. There may be more please PM if you see one that was not included.

I will lock and sticky this thread. It will change as I see new threads develop.
Hope this helps bring all the info together.

[size=+1]always under construction :)[/size]


1)[size=+1] 1978 BJ40/42 - Buying one from Canada, anything to look for?[/size]

2)[size=+1] canadien BJ42 importation in to CALIFORNIA questions/advice[/size]

3)[size=+1] Importing to USA, best place to Exp. from?[/size]

4)[size=+1] Importation is growing!![/size]

5)[size=+1] Everything I Ever Learned About Importing :cheers: recommended read[/size]

6)[size=+1] Importing HJ60 from Canada[/size]

7)[size=+1] import from CA question[/size]

8)[size=+1] Where to find an Independent Commercial Importer in California?[/size]

9)[size=+1] My Import Experience[/size]

10)[size=+1] Importing under the 25 year rule into the U.S. Suggestions?[/size]

11)[size=+1] Importing diesels from Central America[/size]

12)[size=+1] 80 series diesel in California?[/size]

13)[size=+1] 81 BJ42 Import--Do the typical Issues Apply?[/size]

14)[size=+1] Importing 80 series or 105 to USA? Anyone done it?[/size]

15)[size=+1] I want a 78 Series[/size]

16)[size=+1] Legal imports![/size]

17)[size=+1] Importing for Off-Road Use Only?[/size]

18)[size=+1] US legal BJ74[/size]

19)[size=+1] Question re: Importing to USA 98 LC Prado (LHD, manual &Petrol)[/size]

20)[size=+1] diesel fron central America[/size]

21)[size=+1] modest proposal: US diesel 80s[/size]

22)[size=+1] Foreign Diesel Cruiser's.......Need Answers!!![/size]

23)[size=+1] HJ61's in the United States?[/size]

24)[size=+1] Buying a BJ60 in B.C.[/size]

25)[size=+1] Can you get a 70 series in the USA?[/size]

26)[size=+1] How big of a Pain in the ass - 70 into US and reg.[/size]

27)[size=+1] Importer for BC LC [/size]

28)[size=+1] My Importation Success Story[/size]

29[size=+1] Import ?? (regarding year or model year for 25yr rule) [/size]

30)[size=+1] HJ60 in California [/size]

31)[size=+1] Importing a Diesel Landcruiser (Japanese Import) to the US[/size]

32)[size=+1] 25 year NZ BJ42 import [/size]

33)[size=+1] BJ42 import - CA registration[/size]

[size=+2]IMPORTS TO CANADA[/size]

click to see >[size=+1]
Master list of JDM importers to Canada[/size]

1)[size=+1] Wanted: Info on Importing from Japan to Canada[/size]

2)[size=+1] Have you purchased a vehicle from an importer - if so how was your experience?[/size]

3)[size=+1] Import newer than 15 years (Canada)?[/size]

4)[size=+1] Importing from USA?[/size]

5)[size=+1] into canada[/size]

6)[size=+1] Imports a 80 series from Japan[/size]

7)[size=+1] Outback Imports, who are they?[/size]

8)[size=+1] Are Mileage JDM Imports Reliable?[/size]

9)[size=+1] Understanding Import Cruiser Prices[/size]

10)[size=+1] land cruiser importers in canada[/size]

11)[size=+1] Importing from overseas?[/size]

12)[size=+1] How would You import a 78/79 series?[/size]

13)[size=+1] Rising Sun Imports[/size]

14)[size=+1] Importing 80 series to Canada, notarize the title or not[/size]

15)[size=+1] Importing 80 series to Canada[/size]

16)[size=+1] Anybody import JDM LC through KK Trading?[/size]

1991 FJ75 not DOT approved? very good read :)[/size]

18)[size=+1] issues[/size]

19)[size=+1] German Imported 80 series and other imported LHD[/size]

20)[size=+1] Canucks-paperwork to import from the usa[/size]

[size=+2]IMPORTS AND PARTS[/size]

1)[size=+1] Expensive LC's in Australia - shipping?[/size]

2)[size=+1] South/Central American vs. Noth American[/size]

3)[size=+1] converting japanese rhd to lhd before you import[/size]

4)[size=+1] Importing non-USA rims[/size]

5)[size=+1] New importing info[/size]

6)[size=+1] Cruisers from Japan[/size]

7)[size=+1] How to Import[/size]

8)[size=+1] Engines and parts for JDM imports or conversions[/size]
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