imho '93 the best year


Mar 27, 2003
Fernie B.C.
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The best 80 is the one you own. Especially if it has lockers. It is kind of like deciding which identical twin to ask out :D. Naa, just ask em both out. :beer: :beer:


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Mar 27, 2003
Groveland MA
[quote author=MTNRAT link=board=2;threadid=6929;start=msg57119#msg57119 date=1067553791]
It is kind of like deciding which identical twin to ask out

Always, ALWAYS ask out the younger attentioned starved sister! ;)
Jun 10, 2003
Columbia, SC
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I like my '93 because it doesnt have that leather crap. Nice brown cloth and lockers, a rare combination. I'd like to say that the tranny is better but from people far more learned than I in the ways of Cruiserdom say that they are basicly the same and 93-94 owners use it to justify their purchase. I do like the exterior of the 93 better than the 95 on. I perfer the Toyota grill apposed to the "T" grill. Also since it is old the body already has scrathches so if I sratched my paint I wouldnt be as concerned as say some of you "Collecters Editions" owners :flipoff2:. Beware the older models thought because while they have age and experience, they are also slower and the seals are wearing down.
Oct 30, 2003
The best products are NOT always the last in the line,
for example why do people interested in guns seek out
pre 64 winchesters, what about NEW coke of a
few years ago? I've also got a benz and I know for a
fact that the diesel engine in my old 300D is much
more robust than the diesel that engine that was
placed in the 190 the model that followed.

Everything kind of depends on what you want to do
with a product, manufactures like toyota see buyers
of l.c. now as people with a few extra bucks who drive
these vehicles mostly in urban areas and don't have
much skill driving, it takes some effort and skill to drive
a stick.

I just wish toyota offered a broad range of cruisers in
in the states that were geared more toward UTILITY
than STATUS which is the trend. What I want in
a land cruiser is a

s UTILITY vehicle

not a


When I said the '93 was the best year, it was just my
opinion based on the logic that if I take a vehicle out
into the bush it makes sense to me to buy something
that was in good condition for the least amount of $$$.
I also discovered that down under where cruisers
earn their keep, it was possible to get after market
parts like bigger gas tanks, at the time I built my
cruiser there were no ready made after market
larger gas tanks for the 100 series. Now that
I can afford toys I just wish they sold the product
I wanted.

I checked out a 100 series, and even though
it has a very nice engine, the down side was
the body IMHO, like for example the wheel
well fenders which are integrated on the 100 series
(nice for the city because the sheet metal has
a nice clean look), but one the 80 you can
change them out.....

in the end I'm convinced that any L.C. is one
hell of a vehicle a cut above the rest in terms of
quality and engineering.
Dec 13, 2002
buggerville nj
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Funny thing is, based on the format of your last post, it looks like you either copy and pasted that from another forum, or you typed it in word then posted it here. ::) :-\ :flipoff2:
Oct 30, 2003
rant was an all, BUT have a
little problem with my key
board so I have to cut n paste
from an eMail program that
checks my spelling cause
my keyboard does not
do "8" "i" "k" or ","

btw anyone have equipment,
camping or other misc. tips
for baja?

one of the things I've discovered
is a plastic fuel/water separator from
marine supply store cost only
$18 bucks, but some of peace of
Oct 31, 2003
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I agree that the 93's and 94's have that big old bus transmission that I don't think you can break. I like my 95 because it is mine and I know it inside and out. Know how it's been treated and maintained. Also like the thick leather seats :D

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