ih8 cone washers

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Mar 1, 2006
Monument, CO
i'm in the middle of a Lift/knuckle rebuilt. i can not get the cone washers out of the top of the knuckle:mad::mad::bang:. i've used pb blaster, wd 40, hammer and drift, screwdriver. what do i need to do?
Where are you hitting with the drift? IIRC, I got mine by smacking down on the stud so that the shock and rebound loosened the washer.
Use Aero Kroil, it's kind of spendy, but it puts PB Blaster to shame. :)

Did mine the same way as RockDoc. Just hammer straight down on the stud and watch for the slightest movement in the washer and lift it out.
Vice Grips will help, too.
oh i've hit it on the stud, i've hit the split in the cone washer, used a screwdriver at an angle and hit it with a hammer. i'll see about the aero kroil
What I always do is run the nut out till its flush with the stud and take a drift and give it a good wack it should loosen them right up. if that doesnt work then hit around the knuckle then try step A again.
Stick a small screwdriver into the split of the cone washer, and wiggle back and forth. Whack the arm side to side, and up and down w/ a deadblow hammer as well.
I had to spray mine with Aero kroil for two days, then a few solid whacks with a BRASS drift, square on the head of the stud (leave the nut flush with the head of the stud), and the cones popped up. Very rusty and never before removed and 211K miles.

Also, use a 3lbs mallet, short handle.

Maybe a little blue-flame, too, followed by more PB blaster, can't hurt...
i'll try hitting it with the nuts all the way out on the stud and some flame. thanks for the help fellas
heat... I was in the process of doing mine and saw my little propane tank sitting on the floor so I used it . small amount of heat will help you out a great deal. I am waiting on Long-fields birfields and axles before I put it back together. I should have them By Monday also installing a lock- rite in the front. Good luck
cone removal

I have always had good luck by hitting in the center of steering arm between the studs,also on the remaining bearing pads, just use a short brass drift and hammer. Works everytime
I've just hit the top of the hub adjacent to the washer and they all flew out, had to keep a bucket in front of the stud to catch them.
Mine were very corroded and after 2 days of soaking and whacking with a hammer I took the oxy/acetylene torch to it (carefully) and that did the trick. If yours haven't been touched in a long while and you live in an area with salted roads I recommend using some heat to free things up.

ya my father-in-law is the original owner and he couldn't remember if the knuckles were ever taken off. he isn't mechanical at all. the truck spent 15 years in new york between the island and upstate. i'll hit it with flame and get back with the results.
so i did as you fellas recommended, cone washers are out and knuckle is appart. the down side is i wasn't paying attention to the nut slowly sliding down the stud. the pics will say it all. so what are my options, it'll be ok, new studs?
rack reserection 035.jpg
rack reserection 037.jpg
Different places sell THESE

Better than stock. But you can still get new stock studs, too. Double-nut the old ones to get 'em out, or stud remover or good vise grips.
x2 on double nutting. Takes time...but effective. YOu can also buy the studs Marlin sells direct from the dealer.

Good luck.

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