Ideas for painting an 80.

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Jul 9, 2007
I have to get wider flares for my 80, cause, after buying new rims with big displacement, the tires rub quite a lot in the stock flares. I could modify these ones, but I'm planning to fit 315 tires in the future, so I will have to get the wider flares sooner or later (and, apart from that, I love the look of an 80 with the big flares).

The thing is that I will take the chance to change the color of my 80 (silver-red). I don't specially dislike it, but I'd like to change it.

This is how it looks now:

For economical reasons, I think I will keep the silver on top and change the color of the bottom. My main idea was to have black flares and repaint the rest with the same silver of the top. Another way could be to replace all the red by black, or, paint it all silver. The rims and the bullbar are black. Any suggest? It would help a lot if any of you have a picture, or knows somewhere in the internet, where I could take a look at any of these combinations.

Thank you.
I would do graphite gray or black fenders. See pic below ;)

Don't try to match the silver,it will end up looking different, because the original paint is already worn out.

Heck, you could even spray paint the fenders with enamel spray, which will make them very easy to touch up. over time.
Thanks TEPUI. I hadn't considered the phoshop option.

It would still be great to see a real truck painted, but it helps a lot. I also like the dark grey.

I'm sorry I have no idea about what Durabek or enamel spray are.
I'd keep the silver and red. It's very unique as most of the later model years did not come in that color scheme, and it's also my favorite color combo.

Well, you are right that is a very original color combination. In fact, as far as I know, is the only 80 with this color in Spain (I know lots and lots of them here and there aren't many). By the way, I tell you that the 80 series hasn't been sold in Spain until '95, so every one before that year has been imported.

But when I bought it, I hated it and I had clear that I was going to paint it, but I got used to it and started liking it and spending the money in other modifications like suspension, engine...

But now that I have to change the flares I'm thinking of taking the chance to repaint it.

What other of you think? would you keep it this way or would you paint it with another combination?

Another picture:

I've been talking with a man from a garage that gave prices for painting the whole car and only the bottom and the difference is not as big as I thought, so I'm thinking about painting it all the same colour, but I don't know which one. I like it white, but I'm not sure. What colour would you choose for your 80 if you were going to paint it? If you have some pictures, It would help. Thanks.

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