I think it's time to end the Mafia

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Mar 6, 2005
Mauldin, SC
For the past several years the Clemson Mafia faction of UC has lost it's members. And those members that are still in it actually have safe vehicles now arer safety conscious. Well except for Chuck. SO I say it's time to let the name go and start calling them regular old members. They suck at recruiting.
Well i tried my best to gain membership. Like pulling teeth.
New wave engineering I tell you...


Someone hacked Trollhole's account, we need to notify Woody and have his account deleted before we are all spammed with bogus emails and PM's.
How does it feel to be a normal member Chuck? No more hiding behind a name.

Just say after me". My name is Chuck, I own two land cruisers that barely run one which hasn't left the yard in 6 years. I know nothing about fixing them. I joined UC so others could fix them for me. Others suck at fixing my junk. Therefore they are not fixed. I will cook orange hamburgers of unknown origins and serve PBR with a buy one at full price and get my empties as a souvenir. I will do this if you help me. I need help. The Mafia has let me down.
Chuck's s*** is still broken and not running 1/2 the time, JP still has one in parts and another not driveable, there is still work being done in sandals and barefoot. I think all is well, the problem is just that the Mafia isn't all in one place any more.

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