I need a car tire shop in CLT

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Sent you a text! Awesome guys at hook tire on south and Seneca. I've gone there since 94.
Price shopping...I see. How do you feel about Cooper Tires? I have had good luck with them on several of my vehicles. Currently I run them (Discovery's) on my Dodge Ram 1500 and on my wife's GMC Envoy. I also have a set of Cooper-made trailer tires on my Airstream. While they are not Michelins, they are a great tire for the $ IMO. They are also made in the USA. There is a Cooper Tire shop on 601S on the left just as you enter Pageland, SC that has the absolute best prices on Cooper Tires that i have found anywhere PERIOD. They only sell Coopers. Believe me, it will be worth the drive down there if you decide to go that route. The SST's have become really popular as a solid 4x4 tire FWIW. If I sound like a Cooper salesman, forgive me. I am not. I also have vehicles with Toyos, Yokohamas and BFG's. They are all good tires depending on what you are putting them on. Cooper Tire in Pageland is the place to go.
I don't care what goes on the Hyundai. 13" rims is the limiting factor there. The wife's Lexus ES350 has Michelins right now and I'd lean in that direction again but I'll look into the Coopers based on your recommendation, Dave.

I'm pretty sure pep boys is doing a buy 3 get the 4th free deal.

I don't think u will find a place that has a 8 for the price of 6 thing going.
I typically go to Tirerack.com first. Find the best tire based on their survey recommendations and then shop locally for that tire. I am not brand loyal and tried Kumho, Sumitomo, Michelin, Nittos, Yokohamas, and Goodyears and purchased most of them through Discount Tire. Discount didn't carry the Sumitomos so I had to get those elsewhere.

BTW, every tire manufacturer makes a bad tire but not every manufacturer makes a great tire. Most Michelins are good to awesome but some of their cheaper and older designs should be avoided. I have tried two Yokohamas, one called the "black doughnut" was awful in all conditions and the Geolander HT that was great and rated extremely high on tirerack.
I wish I had my old work lap top I could give all the industry rating standards on all the tires out there.

For the most part right now you are good with any michelin, BFG, Firestone and most Goodyears.

Bridgestones have gotten worse and worse over the years.

There are other fairly cheap brands out there that are good also, but the good ones are not well known and I can't remember them right now.

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