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Aug 8, 2015
Greenville sc
It's that time of year again! Who's ready to hit the woods? We will plan to follow the same format as years past, but there's always a possibly to change things up.

This is an Expo style trip in which self-reliance is the subject: Limited/no bathrooms, no gas stops, no showers, no guaranteed camping sites as we will be miles from paved roads at times. We will be seeing a mixture of mostly gravel roads, some paved, and even some 4x4 only roads. Along the way you can expect short mountain hikes, scenic views, refreshing mountain streams, cool nights spent around a campfire and maybe a bear or two. Expectations are that any Toyota with 4WD will do fine on the terrain we'll be covering. (Read here: You don't need lockers, a lift, mud tires, etc.)

As far as equipment, gear, etc., those attending will coordinate so we don't have more than 2 of most things (campstoves, etc) and yet ensure we have firewood, tarps, rope, saws, shovels, potable water, etc. At a minimum, an attendee would need a lightweight sleeping bag, tent, and cooler/fridge, and $ for the group meals.

Like last year this trip will be open and limited to 6paid members of ONSC, 6 paid members of UC, and 6 paid members of LCLC. We require that attendees have an active membership before signing up to give our contributing club members a fair shot, given the fact that these trips are extremely popular and that they are official events. PM me with any questions or clarifications needed.

We'll meet at 11:30 on Friday in Asheville for lunch at:
BearWaters Brewing Company
101 Park St, Canton, NC 28716
HOME | BearWaters Brewing -
After lunch, we'll head down the road to HC and make our way up to camp.

The trip is a family friendly trip and we encourage bringing the kids as well as WELL-behaved dogs. Out of respect for the entire group, if your dog cannot behave unleashed around other dogs and people (especially children) please do not bring them.

Here is the tentative plan (subject to change based on weather, attendance, and availability). We will make our way to camp at Wolf Creek Falls on Friday night. Here you can expect to relax and enjoy a small private campsite and waterfall, and depends on who shows up, possibly a late night acoustic serenade around the campfire. Saturday we will depart the camp by 11am and work our way back down to Max Patch Mountain, here you can hike to the top where you can hang out for a bit. This is a great place for the kids, dogs, and flying kites! Another option in this area will be testing your fishing skills at Max Patch Pond. This 1.5 acre honey hole is stocked with plenty of trout at this time of year. Just make sure your NC fishing license is current. After here we will head down through Martha Sundquist to our Saturday camp spot and start our 2nd annual low country boil...less heat than last year I promise. Sunday morning we will pack up and work our way toward the interstate and likely hit a favorite lunch spot on the way out.

Low Country Boil cost will be $20 per truck (payment due no later than May 1st) Send payment to Upstate Cruisers via PayPal.
May 1st I will fill in the empty spots with people on the waitlist

1. @ceby (paid)
2. @Bryanseye (paid)
3. @IcutYourCruiser (paid)
4. @LCNuts (paid)
5. @yamaguchigumi
6. @Jsparks117

1. @forrest5000
2. @jamesurq (paid)
3. @roadstr6 (paid)
4. @aquatech3
5. @GarnerFJ40
6. @AJR (paid)

1. @GregFrench (paid)
2. @TallPineCruiser
3. @Tincan93
4. @Ncrunner4x4
6. @Yotahead52

Wait List fill ins:
1. @jbach
2. @neslrac
3. @jvalex
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Apr 18, 2005
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Ugh, work on the 23rd.

I could move it, but I shouldn't plan any trips, gotta focus on the motel.

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