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Feb 24, 2011
I have a HZJ78 Troopy that currently is fitted with 285/75-16 BFG Mud tires. I dont like them at all. The car is used for overlanding in Europe, Asia and later maybe, Africa. I have been doing overlanding for 10 years in my old car, a HDJ80 fitted with 285/75-16 BFG AT tires.
First of all, I dont like the Mud pattern. When overlanding I would say 80% of the driving is on gravel or tarmac. The Muds are noisy, but worst of all, braking efficiency is terrible. I guess fuel mileage is also bad. With the 80 and AT's I have been in rather muddy conditions without a stop. Both cars have lockers all around and that helps. So Muds go off in favor of AT.
But then, what size? The somewhat provoking title suggest I believe this "biggest size possible" is a hype. I have been reading around, and what seems to be experienced people say skinny tires are the best for all round use, except for glaciers on Iceland. The 78, even with a turbo and IC seems to be to high geared for the 285 size.
The problem is that I have never tested skinny tires as both cars where fitted with 285 when i purchased them.
235/85-16 seems to be a good choice, but since my rims are steel 8 inches they are to narrow. Good rims are expensive, so I am thinking on 275/75-16.
What do you think?

My cruiser collection for attention:

Mar 14, 2014
Columbus, Ohio
Not the same case as I have a FJC but I went from 295/75r16 to 255/85r16 and I am smitten. They are so much better on and offroad.

I would suggest trying to get some 7" wide rims and go with the 235s or 255s if you want a little more height.
Oct 14, 2018
I ran 265/75r16 (32") on my Land Rover Disco II for years without complaint. I've got 285/75r16 on my LC 100 right now and can't complaint. They fit the trick nicely, but I may go 255/85r16 when it toke for a new set.
May 15, 2005
That’s a really nice collection. Try fitting those tires and wheels from your 40 onto the Troopy and go from there. 8” is 200 mm. So a 235 or 255 would be best for touring. I’ve met several dozen Troopy’s on the northern highways in Canada, all from overseas on multi-month / year tours. They all run a standard all terrain or road tread. Only a couple have had mud treads. They were definitely lighter loaded rigs. I run what is considered huge for long distance touring 285/75R17 but I spend some dedicated time way off road every time. And I count every pound.
hope this helps. Please - PM me, I want to ask you some questions about your Troopy
Jan 18, 2010
255/85 16 for me are the best choice, the problem that is difficult to find AT in that measure, here in Italy you find them only mud, bf goodrige or toyo


Apr 1, 2004
Northern Colorado
I'm running 255/85r16 on factory 70 series wheels. They fit fine and very pleased with the size. Previously had 235/85r16 if you want closer to a factory size, I prefer the 255's. I'm running Yokohama G003 M/T's.
Jun 13, 2014
Milano - Italy
I have the same car , Toyota 78 , with HD-T motor ,
my best choice for road use is 265-75-16 AT yokohama geolander.
for off road or overloading in Africa , I use 255-85-16 Toyo.
of course the 255 , will degrade the braking efficiency , and false also the odometer , but in Africa this is not a big problem
you get as a plus more ground clearance , and stronger sidewalls , and when you deflate the traction is superb .
I am not that concerned about mud traction , as far as when you get really muddy in certain regions , mud is 70 cm deep for several km ...any tire is useless
285-75-16 , I don't like as well too wide , for the 78 .
maybe on other cars it works better ??

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