How much would you pay for this Quincy Air Compressor

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Jul 14, 2008
Baltimore, MD
Hey all,

I've been searching for about 6 months to replace the oilless 30g/2hp Craftsman I have. I can't stand being in the same garage with it anymore. So, I have been paitently scouring Craigslist but have come up empty handed. I looked at an air compressor shop yesterday, because I thought I would just end having to buy new to get what I wanted.

Long story short, the salesman could see the look of shock in my face when he started quoting me numbers, and he said that they happened to have a 1968 Quincy QR-25 Model 325 sitting in the back that they are willing to part with. They got it from a laundry business and have been using it as a back-up compressor. It is a 60 gallon horizontal with a 325 pump (pressure lubed with hydraulic unloaders) and they would install a brand new 3hp Baldor (out of the box) 3hp motor that they would put on there for me, since I couldn't use the 3 phase motor on it currently. They would also mount a new pressure switch, new belt, and deliver its final location in my garage for $1000 total. They would also give me a 90 day parts and labor warranty.

Does that sound like a good deal. I've been searching for newer Quincy's, Bel-Aires, IRs, and Eaton, but entry level two stage units are in the 1000-1300 range, and you don't get the unloaders and pressure lubed pumps, (or the coolness factor of a 1968 Quincy).

What do you all think? Anything I should watch out for when I go check it out after they install the new motor?

Sounds way too high to me for a 3hp compressor, with a 40yr old pump and tank. 3hp will most likely only make about 10cfm, but it should be whisper quiet. I don't think I would pay even half of what they are asking unless it was absolutely immaculate.
Prices have gone up in the last decade. I paid $1200 for my QT-5HD from TPTools. Now they want $1900 on sale (with free shipping).

You don't have the pressure lube or unloaders, but at 5hp you're going to get more cfm, 20 gallons more tank, and a warranty on new parts.
i agree. I am worried about the age, but these pumps seem great and rebuildable. The motor alone, I can't touch for less and $400. So, if I offer him $500, I think he might tell me to take a hike. I'll offer $750 and see where we end up. I don't think I can fit this in the back for the FJ40 (without the springs collapsing). so delivery on 500+lbs is kind of a bonus.

I am looking for more advice on how I can check this out properly when I go to look at it again. Anyone in the DC/Bmore area that knows their stuff about compressors who wants to take a ride to look at some vintage stuff and get some crabcakes and beer along the way? (I'm buying)
Just have him run it and see how long it takes to pump up and listen for any strange sounds like knocking and hissing. It is peach bun season, but I'll take a few crab cakes and a bottle of Natty Boh.
That actually is a great deal. It is a good compressor. And the baldor 3 hp should be all you need to run it. Sure doesnt sound like they are trying to hide anything from you. And if they are using it as a back up then that tells you something right there. Have them do the mods to it and then use it. Cant really go wrong with the components you are getting. How many stage pump is it. And what is the max pressure rating.

good for you for buying american quality

Buy american, keep people in there jobs. Good that you found some older higher quality piece of equipment that will last. If these compressors have a long history of reliability, then by all means, if others say its a good deal, its a good deal.
thanks for the advice guys. I'm going later this week to check it out. After doing a lot of research on these, I feel pretty comfortable listening for odd or unusual noises from the pump. The motor, switch, and belt are brand new, so no worries there.

The only concern now is the tank. I feel like a hydro test is in order. Does anyone know how much these cost and where to get one? Maybe a company that tests fire extinguishers could do it??
Go to Costco or Sam's club even one of those big home improvment stores. I bought a 80gal 16.8 CFM one at Sam's Club for under 1000.00. I sits in a storage shed now but I think it was a Ingersal Rand. It's been months since I've even seen it.

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